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LED industry faces reshuffle in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
On March 8, Liang Fengyi, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Guangdong Zhaoxin group, said in an exclusive interview with Nanfang Daily that the survival situation of the LED industry this year is still not optimistic. Under the current situation of LED overcapacity, she said bluntly, this year will still be a narrow escape for the LED industry. Facing the situation of overcapacity, lack of industry standards and uneven product quality in the whole industry, many LED enterprises in Foshan believe that this year will still be a difficult year. But at the same time, they also believe that with the reshuffle of the industry, the LED industry will also enter rationality from the previous swarm of bees and will usher in a healthier development. In the face of the reshuffle of the industry, many enterprises have said that they must adhere to innovation. While ensuring product quality, some enterprises have begun to embrace e-commerce and big data for marketing. Enterprises that lack technical content or are the first to face the elimination of the LED industry in 2015 will be more difficult than in 2014, and the supply exceeds the demand and the competition is quite fierce. The enterprises developed in the past few years have also grown one after another, and they will also compete in 2015. Competition is indispensable and will be very fierce. For the entire LED industry, Pan Jie, chairman of Foshan Electric Lighting Co. , Ltd. , believes that it is still in a big change, especially in the past two years, the industry reshuffle will be more prominent and frequent. Compared with a year ago, the price of LED lamps in our company has dropped by more than 20, and the sales volume has increased a lot. The profit of LED has exceeded the profit of traditional energy-saving lamps. Pan Jie said that although facing competition and industry reshuffle, LED's development momentum is still strong. As the first class B team in Nanhai district of Foshan core light source incubator, Li He, chairman of Foshan platinum Leo Lighting Co. , Ltd. , believes that this year will be a restart year for LED. The LED lamp two years ago may have broken down now, because the maturity and quality system of the whole product have not kept up with it. Li He believes that the products of the early years have undergone earth-shaking changes, and the development of the entire industry will also usher in the reshuffle of the industry, which to some extent makes the entire LED industry restart. 2014 from years to the end of the year LED products of price basic decreased the 30 the but market of demand can not keep up with the market of supply. The relevant person in charge of the South China Sea Industry Association believes that 2015 is definitely difficult, but it is mainly to eliminate the enterprises that were rushed before and lacked technical content, some enterprises with capital, technology and strength can still develop rapidly. Innovation is an important means of transformation. Under the background of industry reshuffle, innovation has become an important means of transformation for all enterprises. In the face of rapidly changing industries, innovation is an inevitable choice in addition to solid work. Pan Jie believes that many products in the entire LED industry are highly homogeneous, so innovative application is very critical, and this is also an important reason why Foshan Lighting's 56-year development history can come down. Under this background, many enterprises have won the market with independent innovation. This year, the enterprise has newly developed an LED energy-saving lamp. Its product appearance is the same as that of traditional energy-saving lamps, but it is gas heat dissipation and is very suitable for large-scale industrialization. Li He said that the new products currently developed by the company have already applied for invention patents and are accelerating their research and development and production. Next, they will cooperate with traditional lighting energy-saving lamp enterprises because they can integrate with the original production lines of the enterprises, enterprise acceptance is very high. Li He hopes that with the introduction of this product, the sales volume of the enterprise will reach 50 million yuan in 2015 and exceed yuan in 2016. Not only in product innovation efforts, in the face of the impact of e-commerce, some enterprises have also begun to innovate marketing models. Liang Ronghua, chairman of Foshan Pinyi Lighting Co. , Ltd. , said that the company was still engaged in factory production two years ago. By the beginning of 2013, the pressure was increasing and it decided to transform into an e-commerce business. During this period, the company grew at an annual rate of 8 to 10 times, from a few employees to an e-commerce team of 180 people, with monthly sales reaching nearly 10 million. 2015 must be a year of reshuffling, and everyone has a herd mentality. Buying things is to choose the first few, which is a great challenge for enterprises. Liang Ronghua said that every product of the company is now positioned through data. Before developing products, the company will sell 10 million LED lamps per month according to online sales statistics, for example, the integrated ceiling is also about 10 million, and the monthly sales of LED ceiling lamps reach 0. 3 billion yuan. For this big data analysis, the company's key product is LED ceiling lamps. At present Association also in declaration South China Sea new light source industry national well-known brand to create demonstration area. The relevant person in charge of the Nanhai district Industry Association said that the establishment of the national well-known brand creation demonstration zone will be conducive to the improvement of the product quality of the entire park, and will also expand the competitiveness of enterprises to a certain extent.
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