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LED industry enters the boom period

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-08
Yesterday morning, when the Shanghai stock index rushed to 2108 points, it encountered resistance and fell back. The LED plate was collectively started. Ruifeng optoelectronics and Hongli Optoelectronics once closed the daily limit, and Sanan Optoelectronics was once close to the daily limit, A number of stocks such as Foshan Lighting and Yuanfang Optoelectronics also increased by more than 5. With the arrival of the light source replacement tide in the range, the big cycle of LED lighting has started this year, and the quarterly reports of many listed companies have shown growth. The LED industry has entered a boom cycle. Various signs show that the boom cycle of LED lighting will start in 2014 and the supply and demand pattern will return to the boom peak in 2010. According to China's roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries in 2011, since October 1, 2012, the import and sale of general lighting incandescent lamps have been gradually banned in stages according to the power level. As a major producer of lighting products, China has supplied more than 30 incandescent lamps and 85 energy-saving lamps to the market. LED lighting products have clearly become the development direction of the next generation of new light sources. In terms of scale, domestic LED lighting was 260 billion yuan in 2013, up year-on-year. It is estimated that the penetration rate of LED lighting will reach by 2015 and. With the rapid decline in the price of LED lighting products and the elimination of incandescent lamps, the demand for LED devices in China will usher in an explosive growth. The scope also continues this trend, and experts predict that the compound growth rate of the LED market will reach more than 40 in the next 7 years. Since January this year, the United States has stopped selling 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lamps, and a wave of light source replacement has arrived. Among the many plans announced by Wal-Mart yesterday, there will be the purchase of energy-saving LED ceiling lamps for new shopping malls in the United States, major stores in Asia and Latin America, and ASDA supermarkets in the UK. The organization has already arranged a quarterly report, and the recent brokerage research report generally believes that the LED sector will continue to explode in the future because the industry fundamentals have improved greatly. In fact, the LED sector has risen once at the beginning of this year, and with the publication of the annual report and the quarterly report, it also reflects that the overcapacity of LED listed companies is slowly changing, and the industry's profit growth is obvious. A number of listed companies performed well. For example, Jiawei's performance increased by 271 last year, indicating that it continued to grow in the first quarter. For example, Hongli Optoelectronics grew by 75-105, Sanan Optoelectronics increased by 40-55, jufei Optoelectronics increased by 20-50, Liad increased by 5-25, Lianjian Optoelectronics increased by 2-21, Zhou Ming Technology Growth 6-22, distant photoelectric growth 5-25. From the perspective of LED industry chain, it mainly includes LED lighting and backlight companies, including Foshan Lighting, sunshine lighting, Liad, qinshang Optoelectronics, Jiawei shares, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Lianchang Optoelectronics, Zhou Ming technology, etc; LED packaging companies, including Hongli Optoelectronics, rectangular lighting, jufei Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, etc; LED chip companies, including Sanan Optoelectronics, shilanwei, etc; The LED industry chain companies include Dehao Runda and Lehman Optoelectronics. Judging from the performance of the secondary market, the recent strong ones are Foshan Lighting, Liad and Hongli Optoelectronics. Ruifeng Optoelectronics has entered a new high stage and belongs to the Echelon. San'an Optoelectronics, Weiwei shares, and sunshine lighting maintained a rising trend, facing the high point at the beginning of the year to be broken. The data shows that the layout of the institutions on the LED plate is also very obvious. The Institutional seats took the top five in the Foshan Lighting boom in February 24 and continued to take four of the five seats in February 26. In the two daily limits on March 13 and April 1, Hongli Optoelectronics held three of the top five seats. Yesterday, the agency continued to rank Ruifeng Optoelectronics first with an amount of more than 40 million yuan.
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