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LED industry development should have a good start

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-29
To realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment. It has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc. , and achieves the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan', which will gradually standardize the competition order in the LED lighting market and make the proposed goals more practical, LED lighting industry is expected to enter a healthier and more orderly development stage. China's LED lighting industry is facing challenges such as generally small enterprise scale, low industrial concentration, breakthrough of core patents, disorderly market competition, etc. In 2013, the past integration and elimination process will continue. Some enterprises with weak competitiveness will be phased out. Advantageous enterprises are expected to become bigger and stronger through policies. Data show that the output value of LED packaging applied to the lighting market in 2012 was about $26. US $0. 6 billion, up 23. From 2011. 5. Among them, LED packaging is applied to architectural landscape lighting or indoor lighting such as projection lamps and bulbs. However, with the price of LED packaging declining, the demand of lighting markets in various countries is gradually opening up due to the early introduction and price incentives. Today, China has a huge lighting market scale and a strong lighting industry Foundation, which has created a huge market development prospect for the development of China's LED lighting industry. With the continuous maturity of semiconductor lighting technology, the improvement of LED lighting performance and the reduction of cost, the prospect of China's LED lighting market will gradually emerge. The development status of LED intelligent lighting market may still be unfamiliar to some people. Intelligent lighting refers to a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control and remote control system composed of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technologies, to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment. It has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc. , and achieves the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency. Moreover, the domestic manufacturers engaged in the smart home industry are mixed with good and bad, and the product quality is uneven, which affects consumers' trust in smart home products; The reason for the mixed quality of intelligent lighting products is that there is no standard in the industry and the country has not issued a standard, which makes consumers unable to refer to and the market is very chaotic. Moreover, the after-sales service level of the intelligent lighting industry is relatively low, the intelligent lighting system is relatively complex, the correlation between the systems is large, and the probability of problems is relatively high, at this time, if the after-sales service is not in place, it will seriously affect the customer's satisfaction with intelligent lighting products. The release of the 'plan' promotes the orderly development of LED industry. Compared with the '12th Five-Year Plan for semiconductor lighting technology development' released by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012, the industrial scale proposed in the plan was reduced from 500 billion yuan to 450 billion yuan, and the number of leading enterprises to be cultivated was also reduced from 20 ~ 30 reduced to 10 ~ 15. The 'plan' integrates opinions from all sides, revises some previous indicators, and puts forward feasible development goals. The release of the 'plan' has also strengthened the confidence of the LED lighting industry, which was once affected by the collapse of enterprises. Shanxi Securities (002500, stock bar)(002500) Analyst Zhang Xu said that the 'plan' may become the policy starting point for LED lighting promotion. With the promotion of policies by central ministries and commissions, development plans for various regions are expected to be issued one after another. In addition, the plan also proposes to implement preferential import tax policies for key components and raw materials of LED lighting production equipment, and gradually expand the promotion of financial subsidies, in due course, LED lighting products with large quantity, wide range and mature technology, such as bulb lamps, will be included in the subsidy scope. Preferential tax policies will bring substantial benefits to the upstream of LED lighting, while the continued excessive scope of financial subsidies will effectively stimulate the downstream consumer market and promote the launch of the LED lighting market.
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