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LED industry development returns to rational large-scale application spring may come

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-29
【China Building Materials Network] Whether you like it or not, the era of large-scale LED application has come! Although some people once questioned the development prospect of LED and even asked for a stop, they failed to reduce people's expectations and enthusiasm for LED. More and more LED lighting products shine in our life, LED landscape lights, LED indoor lights, LED street lamps, LED display LED are everywhere, such as shadow. Recently, LED street lamps have embarked on a high-speed road again. The country's first large-scale highway project using LED street lamps has been completed by diligent construction, further realizing the expansion and upgrading of LED application fields. Obviously, the unstoppable tide of LED development has made all kinds of doubts disappear, and the public has more recognition and expectation for LED. Next, what is the development prospect of LED industry? What are the new industrial trends in Guangdong, known as the leading province? How will enterprises promote the application and promotion of LED lighting products to achieve further market expansion? The author interviewed relevant industries and government departments. Ye Jingtu, deputy director-general of Guangdong Science and Technology Department: to build LED packaging center and large production base. Not long ago, a new special research report released by Guangdong CPPCC showed that Guangdong has become an important LED production base and trade center in the country, there are nearly 3000 LED enterprises, ranking first in output value and scale in the country, with an output value of 85. 3 billion yuan, accounting for about of the country's output value and output, and accounting for about of the country's industrial scale. According to our target, the scale of LED industry in the whole province will reach 120 billion yuan by 2012, forming an industrial group with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan, and cultivating more than 20 enterprises with an output value of more than yuan; By 2015, the scale of LED industry will exceed 300 billion yuan, and an innovative system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide and the combination of production, teaching and research will be basically established, and LED packaging centers and large product production and application bases will be built. Therefore, the provincial science and technology department will strengthen the research on key technologies of LED core through new technology routes, build Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Research Institute with high standards, integrate innovative resources, and adopt contract energy management and supply chain management, A series of measures such as financial business model will further improve the technical level of LED industry in Guangdong province and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, Guangdong province is planning to promote collaborative innovation in the industrial chain. The so-called industrial chain coordination means that the government builds a platform to integrate all links in the industrial chain to form effective interaction and cooperation among the government, the industry and enterprises. This will not only greatly improve the overall development level of the LED industry, but also greatly promote the popularization and application of LED lighting products. The smooth delivery and use of the 120-kilometer LED lighting project of Shenzhen Expressway undertaken by qinshang has provided us with good reference and successful experience. This project shows the scientific research ability and product level in the field of semiconductor lighting in our province, and shows that since enterprises actively participated in the construction of various large-scale LED lighting projects, they have accelerated the cooperation between production, teaching and research and the development of new products, and it has been successfully applied, which will promote our future work. Chen Yansheng, chairman of China lighting appliance association: it is well known that LED lighting technology should be applied to promote the development of various advantages of LED for lighting, but there are still many areas for improvement and improvement for LED to enter the general lighting market. According to the understanding of China's current LED industry and lighting industry, as well as the analysis of foreign LED lighting markets, I think that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, it is reasonable and feasible to continue to grasp the application and promote the development of LED lighting technology. China's total LED production is quite large, but the quality and grade of products are relatively low. LED industry is an investment and technology intensive industry. At present, domestic research and development institutions and production enterprises are relatively scattered, and it is suggested to concentrate on tackling key problems and strive for a breakthrough in high-brightness white LED. At the level of lighting application, domestic enterprises have been involved in LED lighting and developed a number of products; We can give some support to enterprises with strong research and development strength. The completion and successful operation of the deep high-speed project can show that China's LED enterprises have made great efforts and achieved remarkable results in LED lighting technology ,, this will help promote the application and development of domestic LED lighting products.
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