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LED industry demand rises, corporate earnings exceed expectations

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-27
The continuous growth of lighting demand has driven the LED industry into a one-way upward channel. With the further restriction on the use of incandescent lamps and the decline in the price of LED lighting products, LED lighting has ushered in the opportunity of rapid development. Based on the data of major manufacturers and research institutions, it is expected that the shipment scale of LED lighting will increase by more than 100, and relevant companies are also expected to obtain more than expected returns. The revenue of LED enterprises in Taiwan, China, has always been an indicator of the prosperity of the LED industry. Although December is the traditional off-season, the chip revenue in the LED industry chain increased by year on year in December, the overall revenue of the package is 53, and the revenue of mainstream companies such as Yiguang, Lunda and Jingdian is even more gratifying. Among the packaging manufacturers, Yiguang's revenue in December was 22. NT $0. 6 billion, up year-on-year, benefiting from orders for lighting and backlight, the company expects shipments to continue to grow in the first quarter of this year. Lunda Electronics benefited from the return of orders for notebook computers, the increase in demand for flash lamps from Korean mobile phone manufacturers and TV backlight, with revenue of 10. 5% in December. NT $9. 7 billion, down 5 from November. 84, the year-on-year growth rate reached 55. Among the big chip manufacturers, Jingdian's revenue reached 20. In December. 4. 7 billion New Taiwan dollars, slightly down 1. 36, year-on-year growth reached 78. 8. LED lighting products have outstanding characteristics. Judging from the recent technological development trend, the light efficiency of the light source can reach more than 200lm/w. At the same time, the selling price of terminal lighting products in the market has continued to decline. The products of Osram, Kerui and other companies have all been reduced to around US $10, while the price of energy-saving lamps of the same brand is about US $5, considering the great difference in service life, the actual use cost of LED lamps is cheaper than that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. Judging from the division of LED industry chain, it mainly includes LED raw materials (MO source, luminescent materials, etc) , LED chips, LED packaging and LED lamps and lanterns and other four major sectors, from the perspective of benefits, the first benefit is the downstream lamp manufacturers with channel advantages, such as sunshine lighting and Dehao Runda, the second is the two links of LED chip and package. With the growth of demand scale, the utilization rate of production capacity has increased rapidly, and the price of LED raw materials has also been boosted to a certain extent, for example, Nanda Optoelectronics's MO source and Keheng's rare earth luminescent materials. From the perspective of functional division, it is mainly divided into LED lighting and LED backlight. The industry is more optimistic about the development of LED lighting. The recent situation of Ruifeng Optoelectronics also verifies this judgment. The management of the company said that on the basis of stabilizing the led LCD TV market, the company has stepped up its efforts to develop the LED lighting field and achieved corresponding growth in sales and profits. From the perspective of growth, since the penetration rate of LED backlight in panels and intelligent terminals has exceeded 90, the growth of backlight scale in the future will mainly come from natural growth, the growth of LED lighting will usher in the double click of Davis brought about by permeability and natural growth.
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