LED industry demand peak season start-up LED factory or signs of rebound

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-26
By lighting into the season drive demand July the department of LED manufacturers revenue most is better than expected legal person said 3rd season in lighting demand improved significantly. Will further drive LED factory revenue and profit performance, the former wave LED stocks weakened with the broader market for a period of time, the stock price base period is low, as the operation enters the peak season, it is expected to launch a rebound offensive. Legal Person said although LED manufacturers June by low season influence increasing monthly amplitude performance flat but overall 2nd season still have season of performance at any time order into 3rd season lighting demand significantly improve, driving the operation of individual stocks to heat up. A securities analyst said that after LED's industry consolidation in recent years, the supply and demand situation has improved. This year, individual stocks have paid good results, and the stock price has also set off a rise, but this wave of market band correction has reached 5, the LED stocks that dragged down some of the gains fell from the high point. With the announcement of the results on July, the stocks paid a good performance, and the stock price of individual stocks is expected to rebound from the low point. The legal person pointed out that the base period of June revenue of LED epitaxial leading factory crystal power has been high, benefiting from the demand for LED lighting in Europe and the United States. Orders for crystal power LED lighting continue to increase. Although the market demand for backlight and display screen has declined slightly recently, however, it is estimated that it will pick up after August, and the lighting orders for Jingdian will be gradually enlarged, which is beneficial to Jingdian's revenue.
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