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LED industry continues to face price reduction pressure after entering lighting era

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
After entering the lighting era, the LED industry is still facing the pressure of price reduction. LED factories are competing to invest in the development of unpackaged chips, LED factories PhilipsLumileds, Toshiba, TSMC solid-state lighting, crystal power and round unpackaged chip products have been launched one after another, following crystal power ELC (EmbeddedLEDChip)Technology and round PFC (PackageFreeChip) After the appearance, PhilipsLumileds immediately launched the use of ChipScalePackage (Wafer Level chip size package)Technology, and has been coated for the first time (Flip-Chip) LUXEONQ, a high-power LED packaging element developed on the basis of the technology, is undoubtedly a major focus of the industry in the 2013 s. As far as the manufacturing process of LED lighting products is concerned, it is divided into manufacturing processes such as Level0 to Level5, among which Level0 is the manufacturing process of Lei crystal and chip, while Level1 encapsulates LED chips, level2 is to weld LED on PCB, Level3 is LED module, Level4 is lighting source, and Level5 is lighting system. LED factory unpackaged chip technology is mostly developed by omitting level1. PhilipsLumileds expanded its product line in 2013 with positive steps. In addition to the low-power product line in layout, it also recently announced the launch of LUXEONQ, a high-power LED packaging element. This is PhilipsLumileds's first time to flip- High-power LED developed based on chip technology and Philips ChipScalePackage (Wafer Level chip size package)Technology. PhilipsLumileds's new LUXEONQ uses CSP technology and cladding technology to achieve high power and high lumen performance. It is understood that the previous generation of PhilipsLumileds is thin-Filmflip- Chip technology must remove the sapphire substrate during the later process, while LUXEONQ uses a new generation of flip- Chip technology, no need to remove the sapphire substrate in the rear process. LUXEONQ lock directly replaces the 3535 series products that are quite familiar and mature in the market. The application scope includes patio lamps, embedded lamps, exterior wall lamps, replacement bulbs and special lamp applications. Taiwan's LED chip factory is also active in the development of unpackaged chip products. The new product of Crystal ELC adopts semiconductor process, which will save packaging (Level1) Part, including the past lead frame, the line is not needed, only the chip is used with phosphor and packaging glue, and can be directly applied (SMT) Use, it is reported that Crystal ELC products have entered the backlight supply chain and will also be used in the lighting market in the future. Hong Yuan has also developed PFC package-free products. The chip design based on flipchip does not require wiring. The advantage of PFC package-free chip products is that the light efficiency is increased to 200lm/W, the ultra-wide-angle full-cycle design with a light-emitting angle greater than 300 degrees, plus the use of secondary optical lenses, will reduce the loss and cost of light efficiency.
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