LED industry competition intensifies Taiwan enterprises are not favored

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-24
Taiwan's-point market started, foreign investors robbed Taiwan's shares, but LED groups did not take a lift. Jingdian's share price was far lower than 53 yuan's net worth per share. Yesterday (27) Japan is still the fifth largest foreign-funded stock seller, with nearly 3,000 copies sold. Since this year, the three major legal persons have sold nearly 150 thousand copies of super crystal power. Not only the index shares Jingdian, Lunda's share price is not as good as Cree's share price of 30 yuan, and Dongbei's share price is only sideways. Legal persons said that there was not much good news in the LED industry in the short term, which was the main reason why legal persons did not want to hold shares. In particular, Philips and Osram successively split the LED lighting departments and replaced them with mainland operators competing to enter the LED industry, competition has intensified and this ethnic group is still full of uncertainties in the short term. Yesterday, the three major legal persons sold Super crystal power simultaneously, of which foreign capital sold more than 2,924, ranking the fifth largest stock sold by foreign capital, and the three major legal persons sold more than 4,033 in total. Since this year, the three major legal persons have sold nearly 150 thousand crystal power, under the pressure of corporate chip loosening, Jingdian's share price is still far from the net value of 53 yuan per share, closing 46. 95 yuan.
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