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LED industry: commercial indoor lighting needs to be broken

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-22
As we all know, LED lamp has been favored by electronic engineers for its high reliability, easy control and small volume since its birth. The first rise is the electronic device indicator light, and then gradually enter the signal indicator light such as traffic red, green light and other occasions. However, due to the low brightness of the early LED lights, the low heat conversion rate, and the high price, the general public is not familiar with it. Commercial applications are also limited to non-mainstream lighting occasions such as building contour decoration and decorative lights. In recent years, with the improvement of the thermal energy conversion efficiency of LED lamps, the brightness has been greatly improved and the price has been greatly reduced, the market has begun to recognize the lighting of LED lamps. As a new type of lighting lamp, LED lamps have a long service life, low power consumption and high brightness have gradually become the new market. [align = center][img] /uploadpic/news/201212170850202. jpg. jpg [/img][/align] LED industry: commercial indoor lighting needs to be broken. Based on the analysis of LED lamp life and power consumption, LED indoor lighting compared with traditional equivalent lamps, LED bulb lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED downlights, the use cost of LED soft light bars has been significantly lower than that of traditional lighting fixtures. In 2012, the reduction of the cost of LED chips and the development of technology will increase the efficiency advantage of LED lighting, thus starting to send out a strong intention to declare war on traditional lighting. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have stronger plasticity and can not be limited to the design of traditional lamps. Due to the small volume of LED lamp beads, they can be very useful in various designs suitable for use environment. For example, LED downlights, we can make round traditional lamps, squares, irregular shapes, and panel lamps with a thickness of only 9 MM, these are beyond the reach of traditional lamps. LED lights are easier to integrate and intelligently control. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps realize dimming, which is much simpler than traditional lamps. Simply speaking, 0- 100 dimming, no stroboscopic, no limit continuous dimming. More intelligent, online control can be realized through DMX512, and the brightness and darkness of LED lamps, or running water changes or various dynamic changes can be randomly controlled according to the dynamic effect to be realized. However, it is relatively more difficult for traditional lamps to realize dynamic changes. At present, commercial lighting should consider more about human experience design, what kind of environment, what color and what color temperature light source to achieve the designer's original intention. For example, jewelry lighting counters generally use LED jewelry cabinet lights, and platinum counter areas use 7000- The 8000K bright white LED light source illuminates the entire platinum jewelry product itself, reflecting the product's whiter and brighter elegance, while the gold product uses LED color temperature light source 3500- The 3800K warm white light source sets off the magnificent and graceful features of the product. Jewelry lighting counter has become a substitute for traditional fluorescent lamps due to its small size, small luminous angle and higher luminous efficiency. Different business environments, different shopping experiences, higher and higher requirements for lighting angle design and color temperature are incomparable to traditional lamps, such as LED floodlights, LED spotlights, the appearance of LED downlights makes all this easier to realize. The increasing luminous efficiency and the decreasing price of LED downlights have sounded the door to commercial lighting. At present, commercial lighting mostly adopts traditional energy-saving lamps. Apart from mercury pollution, energy-saving lamps are bulky, occupying a large space and not beautiful. When the entire power supply voltage is unstable, downlights are prone to flickering. The integrated design of LED Downlight light source and shell adopts Milky White or atomized mask embedded inside the ceiling and integrated with the ceiling, with beautiful and high-grade appearance and uniform light source. The LED power supply adopts constant current design, the light source always maintains consistent illuminance without being limited by external voltage changes. With the improvement of LED technology, the above advantages are improving day by day, providing reliable technical guarantee for LED lighting to enter commercial lighting. The introduction of LED industry standards is also being stepped up. According to internal sources, LED industry standards will be introduced in 2013, and relevant standards such as LED lighting interfaces and illuminance standards will be announced. LED commercial lighting is gaining momentum and is becoming more and more clear. Shanghai Shengmei Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. 's foreign orders shrank by 30 in 2012, while domestic indoor lighting orders increased by 60- 70, most of them are energy-saving renovation projects and new commercial club projects. LED lamp enterprises have begun to enjoy the dividends brought by energy conservation. The development of every emerging industry has to go through the process of starting, developing, maturing and declining. The LED indoor lighting industry is at the stage of industry development, and it is bound to be inferior and excellent, the coexistence of essence and dross, the elimination of wuwu and the continuous innovation of technology, LED indoor lighting can become mature and recognized.
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