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LED industry chain is good for future growth

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-21
With the release of semi-annual reports one after another, LED's conjecture as a sector with definite performance in the electronics industry in 2014 has been confirmed. Data show that 17 of the 21 LED listed companies saw their income and profits increase at the same time, of which 4 saw their income increase by more than 50,7 saw their profits increase by more than 60. Since the beginning of this year, with the full launch of the downstream market, the LED industry, which officially rose in 2009, has finally reached the moment of flowering and fruiting. Sanan Optoelectronics, Dehao Runda, sunshine lighting, Liad, etc. have all become the leaders in various fields, not only in China, but also in China, China has become the manufacturing center of LED in the world. In terms of market value, the total market value of Sanan Optoelectronics has reached 34. 3 billion yuan, becoming the leader in the sector. The company has also become the top five companies in the LED chip industry. Dehao Runda, shilanwei, Liad and qinshang Optronics followed closely. The number of companies with a market value of more than 5 billion in the sector has reached nine. Compared with the entire electronics industry, this is rare, which also means that the LED industry is full of weight in the capital market. The rise of LED technology has given birth to the development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, among which the sapphire field is distinctive. Before LED technology, Sapphire was basically used in watches and some luxury consumer goods. The industry has a serious overcapacity. With the rise of LED, Sapphire has a huge export capacity as a raw material for chips, in addition, with smart phones also aiming at Sapphire materials, Sapphire, which was cold-shouldered in the industry in the early stage, has become a hot topic in the capital market. Since this year, many listed companies have raised huge sums of money to increase sapphire. The big feature of LED lighting products is energy saving. At the beginning of the industry development, due to the price problem, its development speed was slow, but since last year, LED manufacturers have started to replace incandescent lighting in an all-round way due to the large price cut and white ban policy. At the same time, as the industrial trend becomes more and more certain, the flexibility of LED plate in valuation has lost its former glory. Since the beginning of this year, Sanan optoelectronic secondary market has dropped 13, while Dehao Runda has risen only 2. 5%. Both enterprises are in the upstream chip field of LED. As the front end of the industry, LED chips are facing a serious price war problem, which also leads to disputes over the profit expectations of enterprises in the industry. Judging from the secondary market, LED downstream applications are on the rise this year. The stocks that have seen a big increase in the sector are the newly listed new shares, Abison, which have seen an increase of 170 this year, followed by Liad, which has seen an increase of 159. These two enterprises are LED display lighting enterprises, and their products mainly replace the traditional rear projection and projection markets. Previously, due to technical and selling price problems, the industry has doubts about the market acceptance of its products, and the bright performance of the two companies has reassured the market. According to the data, the income and net profit of Abison Zhongbao increased by 59 and 57 respectively, while Liad Zhongbao's income and net profit increased by 51 and 73 respectively, ranking first in the sector. What excites the market even more is the gross profit margin in this field [-1. 33] Thick, gross profit of more than 30 is basically unimaginable in other LED products. In addition, there are few market participants and the threshold is relatively high. In recent years, with the economic downturn, many domestic industries have encountered difficulties in export, but LED has gone out of the cycle. Overseas emerging markets are bringing greater opportunities to Chinese LED enterprises, among them, Russia has become the second largest export market for LED lighting products in China as a dark horse. 2013 year China LED lighting products to Russia of export amount for 2. US $2. 7 billion, up 260 year-on-year, compared with about 3. In the first half of 2014. US $2. 7 billion, up 571 year-on-year. Russia has leapt to the second largest export market in China, accounting for about 9% of the total export amount of LED lighting products in China, while among the BRICS countries exporting LED lighting products in China, its market share is as high as about 75%. 2013 year China LED lighting products export amount about 5. 5 billion beauty yuan which export BRICS countries for 3. US $0. 9 billion, while the export amount of LED lighting products in China in the first half of 2014 was about 43. US $0. 5 billion, of which about are exported to BRICS countries. US $0. 4 billion, up 350 year-on-year. The rapid growth of exports from overseas emerging markets will fully benefit the entire domestic LED industry chain.
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