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LED industry calls for development of LED lighting to reduce dependence on nuclear energy

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-01
Taiwan's nuclear Four-deposit issue continued to burn, and the nuclear waste group called on the public to take to the streets on the afternoon of the 27th. LED industry calls for changing LED lighting to reduce nuclear dependence. Ye Yifu, chairman of the LED lighting brand factory, has repeatedly called for Taiwan to completely change the LED lighting, so that the nuclear power plant can be built less. With the rapid development of LED technology, the price continues to decline, substitution and energy-saving benefits have gradually gained market recognition, promoting the penetration rate of LED lighting to accelerate. Li Bingjie, chairman of Taiwan's LED leijing leading factory, is optimistic that LED lighting will enter a fast-growing Golden three years, and the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting will gradually expand. TrendForce, a research and adjustment unit, pointed out that Taiwan's switch to LED lighting can save up to 10 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, which can generate energy-saving benefits and reduce overall energy dependence. The green energy research department of TrendForce, a market research institution, and EnergyTrend jointly analyzed the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting, the actual market experience of various countries and relevant data from Taiwan, and found that LED light sources were used in an all-round way, the energy-saving part of lighting can produce energy-saving benefits, even after discount, which is quite helpful for reducing Taiwan's overall energy-consuming environment and energy distribution. In 2013, Taiwan's electricity consumption for lighting was about 22 billion degrees. If all commercial, factory and livelihood lighting in Taiwan are switched to LED light sources, the electricity consumption can be reduced to 11. 9 billion degrees and the energy-saving benefit can reach 45. The 10 billion-degree electricity saved is equivalent to 24. 41. 6 billion of the-degree electricity generated by the three nuclear power plants in 102. Although it is impossible for Taiwan to adopt LED lighting sources in a short period of time, if the proportion of LED lighting can be gradually increased, the dependence on nuclear power plants will be reduced, there is also some help.
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