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LED industry butterfly change triggers development of new profit model of large screen

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-23
In recent years, the LED outdoor large screen industry has become very popular, and many enterprises have flocked to it, making the quality of LED outdoor large screens uneven. Therefore, problems such as chaos and disorder in market competition, overcapacity, homogenization of products, low-price competition, and rupture of capital chain emerge one after another. In the end, the industry will have to face a reshuffle and eliminate the fittest. In addition, the game, integration and market choice among enterprises have eliminated most of the backward production capacity, and the Matthew effect of the stronger is gradually formed. However, with the prevalence of rational consumption and energy conservation, environmental protection and emission reduction around the world, the strong in the industry are also facing the pressure of survival and competition. Where should LED outdoor large-screen enterprises go under the butterfly change, how to deal with the crisis of increasing income and not increasing profits? All these require colleagues in the industry to calm down and think. As the LED outdoor large screen market becomes more mature, it is gradually on the right track from spontaneous, wind-chasing, disorderly to standard compliance. For LED outdoor large screen enterprises, colleagues all understand that the development conditions of the enterprise are as follows: quality clearance, perfect service system and continuous innovation ability. However, how many LED outdoor screen enterprises can really do it? The big waves and the sand, the times have created the Asian energy photoelectric technology! Asiatic Energy's main LED flip screen is a special-shaped screen optimized by three-sided flip and LED full color screen, which combines three-sided flip technology, Internet technology and digital technology, support the city's new outdoor communication of the aggregation, energy-saving, multi-functional Media. The LED flip screen is energy-saving. During the day, two flat advertisements are flipped left and right, and only a 90-watt motor is needed to drive the flip. At night, the third LED full color screen is displayed. The flip screen with automatic heat dissipation function does not need air conditioning heat dissipation. The side of the LED full color screen can also play video all day long, but during the day, how many busy people stop for a long time to pay attention to this dynamic video, I am afraid there are only a few advertisers, only on a wavy night can the audience enjoy themselves. LED flip screen has not only passed 3C, CE and ROHS certification, but also passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Its product cases have been applied to all parts of the country. Companies were set up in Zhangzhou, Fujian, Kaifeng, Henan and Fuyang, Anhui, and offices were set up in Yuncheng, Shanxi, Urumqi, Anhui, Hefei, Sichuan and Guang 'an. A service network swept across China. Today, the company has been recognized by the National High-tech enterprises, and patent applications are increasing year by year. It has always paid attention to the research and development of new technologies and continuously injected new vitality into the enterprise.
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