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LED industry boom temperature enterprise performance increase

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-25
LED companies have successively released their 2014 quarterly performance reports. Compared with the traditional off-season in the previous quarter, LED revenue in the 2014 quarter is not weak in the off-season. CREE's revenue increased by 1st in the first quarter, Philips's LED product sales increased by in the second quarter, and Oto Electronics' net profit nearly doubled in the first quarter, which shows that the prosperity of the LED industry is returning to temperature. From Taiwan manufacturers see 1st season performance beyond expected and downstream package plant performance than upstream chip plant better which light, P'tit Dej, crystal and 1st season gross margin up, light 1st season than last year 4th season good P'tit Dej single-season profit more is expected to create eight season high. 1st season is LED plant of low season this year but appear over the good grades Crystal, light in Spring Festival when overtime crashing Crystal March revenue more record high, 1st season LED plant of earnings is expected to have good of performance. At present, Yiguang is expected to remain the top profit maker in LED chip enterprises. Light 1st season revenue 62. 2. 7 billion yuan, a quarterly decrease of about 8 and an annual increase of more than 25; But 1st season gross margin is better than last year 4th season of 25. 95 so 1st season profit will than last year 4th season good. In view of this year's outlook, major factories have expressed optimism different from their conservative attitudes in the past two years. Chairman Yiguang also said that the penetration rate of LED is rising rapidly, and the profit this year should be better than last year. In the future, countries will gradually ban incandescent bulbs, product prices will tend to be sweet in the market, and the economy will return to temperature, the demand for LED lighting industry has been set off, and the industrial order has gradually stabilized.
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