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LED industry as a whole ushered in a high-speed growth stage

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-25
In 2013, the LED market demand exceeded the expectations of many LED enterprises, although the industry is still facing fierce competition, nonstandard market, structural overcapacity, imperfect standards and other problems, however, many powerful enterprises have fought a beautiful battle following the changing trend of the market. At the beginning of the new year in 2014, driven by the great potential of the general lighting market and the arrival of the sweet spot of replacement price, the high growth of LED lighting industry has been further clarified. What is the overall trend of the industry in 2014? Which fields and links are worthy of investors' attention and what risks are still facing in the current industry? Which potential technologies are likely to form large-scale mass production in the coming year? In the standard link, what are the issues worthy of attention? What are the new changes in sales channels and methods? In response to these problems, this newspaper has conducted research and in-depth interviews, communication and interaction with people in the industry in order to provide reference for people in the industry. In 2014, the industrial growth rate will not decrease and the penetration rate of general lighting will double. Under the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, the prospect of LED industry is also relatively clear. With the advent of the era of LED lighting, the future growth rate of the industry will continue to accelerate. According to the annual growth rate of China's LED industry output value in 2014, of the respondents chose 20 ~ 30, there are also 24 respondents think it is 30 ~ 40. People in the industry are generally optimistic about 2014, believing that both the overall industry and the downstream general lighting market will continue to rise and maintain a rapid growth rate. With the improvement of technology and the decrease of cost, LED lighting has been able to replace most industrial, office, commercial and household lighting. The price gap between LED products and traditional lighting products has further narrowed, will win more market share of traditional lighting products. In 2014, it will enter the second wave of incandescent lamp ban peak, and the demand for replacement market will be further increased, which will also speed up the promotion of LED lighting products.
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