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LED industry 2nd season peak season effect continues

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-05
LED industry 2nd season season effect continuous gotta no matter is upstream epitaxial plant and downstream package plant all appear capacity short supply of phenomenon more than industry of May revenue performance expected will present up, including Yiguang (2393) The performance of Hongqi and redeck is expected to hit a record high in a single month. LED industry 2nd season present lighting and backlight field Qi young the factory orders status continuous buoyant May revenue is expected to comprehensive heating especially LED upstream epitaxial plant of performance continuous improve, including the new century, Yuyuan, and Taigu revenues have the opportunity to continue to rise, while the downstream market is widely used in the terminal market, and the revenue performance is equally bright. Yiguang's products have improved simultaneously across the board, and with the effect of purchasing European distributors last year, the legal person's estimated revenue in May is expected to exceed 2. 6 billion yuan, a record high in two months, the net profit per share after tax in the second quarter is expected to be 1. 2nd. More than 2 yuan, the season grew by more than 20%. Light said the head at present orders status good prediction 3rd season of situation also will than 2nd season good. Zhang Shixian, a spokesperson for LED leijing, said that this wave of demand is quite comprehensive, including backlight, lighting, cars and billboards, and LED from last year 4th season to this year 2nd season of conditions are very good continuous three quarters are well of phenomenon in past rare crystal in 2nd season has expansion three capacity. As Jingdian reserved March of production capacity in April, its revenue in April soared to 25. 5%. RMB 0. 1 billion. Zhang Shixian pointed out that orders will be more prosperous in May, but whether revenue is high depends on the status of shipments and product portfolios. As for Hongqi, revenue has hit a record high in a single month in March and April. With the subsidiary Hongrui receiving a good order and the car LED starting to ship, the legal person estimates that, hongqi's revenue in May will continue to peak. Wang Binglong, chairman of Hongqi, said that Hongqi's capacity utilization rate in February and this year was only 2nd, while the second quarter was full, so there will be significant growth in profits. LED secondary optical lens factory lei di ke in after 1st season of adjustment after April revenue record high May system of customer of shipment increase revenue and profit forecasts will synchronous go high.
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