LED garden light applications have been almost all over the world

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
LED garden light after decades of the development of technology, the luminous efficiency friend chain a lot of ascension, as one of the monochromatic performance is good and narrow spectrum, don't come here just to emit colored light, and the variety of colors such as red, yellow and green of the commercialization of high brightness LED. The application fields of outdoor LED courtyard lamp has been almost all over the world, LED lighting courtyard lamp has a wide range of advantages in energy saving, one of the most significant features low energy consumption, so the application of LED garden light will save a lot of energy for the whole city. Also according to the actual condition of each road and higher professional lamp design. LED courtyard lamp lens light distribution design, reasonable light distribution Angle, LED lamps and lanterns light distribution curve should be bat wing or rectangular, longitudinal symmetrical light distribution along the path, onto the road pavement, including the driveway. And technical personnel by many times by the municipal office street lamp lights at night illumination, intensity of illumination uniformity measurement, comparison and statistics, the average intensity of illumination and uniformity of new light source are standard, main and second road street lamp so modified, the average illuminance on the intensity of illumination uniformity can conform to the requirements of the road illumination, and meet the corresponding national technology and safety regulations. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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