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LED from energy saving to intelligence

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-18
In this era when smart phones have been widely used, the intelligence of various life products has also become the only way for manufacturers to develop. Recently in 19th session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair on before few years to energy-saving and life length main appeal of LED lantern show the new of side intelligent. For example, a new LED desk lamp introduced by Langshi lighting can remotely control the switch and brightness through the mobile phone APP, and has a timing reminder function to prevent excessive eye use. However, Philips's new dazzling LED desk lamp adds intelligent music function, which can connect the integrated speakers of Android and iPhone5 phones through the socket of the base to play music while charging mobile devices. More interestingly, the LumibladeOLED smart bathroom mirror light source can also be automatically switched by identifying people's eyes. Hu Wei, director of product research and development of Zhejiang Langshi Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd. , said that the intelligent development of LED lamps has its own advantages and potential market demand. The luminous principle of LED lamp makes it possible to develop intelligently. It is itself a semiconductor component that can convert electric energy into visible light, so it can be compatible with most intelligent electronic components. In addition, with the improvement of the quality of life, people's demand for lamps is not only satisfied with its lighting function, such as wanting to master the color and temperature changes of light to create a romantic atmosphere. Intelligent lighting will also design many concepts including humanistic care in products. For example, when students read too close to books, LED intelligent desk lamps will automatically go out to remind students to protect their eyes.
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