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LED filament lamps gradually rise in the first half of 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-04
In 2014, LED filament series products became a highlight both at Frankfurt exhibition and Guangya Exhibition. The combination with traditional incandescent lamp technology, the realization of 360 lighting, and the preference of Europeans and Americans for incandescent lamps have attracted much attention. The fabrication of LED filament is a packaging method in which a plurality of low-power LED chips are packaged in series on a substrate, connected in series with gold wires, and the fluorescent powder is coated and wrapped, filament substrates are mostly Sapphire and a few are glass or metal substrates. If LED filament is made with flip chip, its heat dissipation and light effect will be better. Therefore, at present, the Flip Chip COB Package is a good way to make LED filament. With the in-depth research and improvement of LED filament manufacturing technology, LED filament application technology, glass bubble sealing and inflation technology and stroboscopic power supply technology, many incandescent lamp factories have successfully transformed and upgraded with this, began to enter the field of LED lighting. At present, there are more than dozens of manufacturers involved in the field of LED filament lamps in China. These manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories, one is traditional lighting and incandescent lamp manufacturing enterprises, including Buddha photo, Yaming, Rex, etc; One is LED lighting products manufacturing enterprises, including Dongshan lighting, Yapur, Yinjing Optoelectronics, etc; There is also a kind of LED packaging enterprises, including Zhongzhou, Hongli, hangke, Baishi, etc. The products of some enterprises have been put on the market, but not many of them have actually realized mass production. Some LED filament lamp products and photoelectric parameters sold on Taobao are shown in Table 1. The average light efficiency has exceeded 100Lm/W. The light colors are warm White, positive white and cold white, and the lamp holder interface is E14 or E27, so the incandescent lamp can be directly replaced. CSAResearch believes that because LED filament lamp is a LED lighting product close to incandescent lamp at present, coupled with the characteristics of full-angle light emission, no need of lens and production line that can utilize incandescent lamp, etc, if the heat dissipation and cost problems are solved, the market prospect will be in the replacement market under today's nostalgic retro trend.
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