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LED enterprises realize the dream of light revival

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-27
Having products without licenses has always been a stereotype that LED enterprises in our country cannot get rid of in recent years. Facing the banter and destruction of foreign bosses, facing the cold reception and disdain of domestic and foreign markets, the call for a brand has become more and more fierce in the industry. This is a battle of honor that benefits the country and the industry. However, this imminent war cannot be decided quickly. The factors that determine the evolution of the war situation are numerous and complicated, lack of technology, price swing, weak self-built brand awareness and policies of under-fire are still unavoidable shortcomings for LED enterprises in China. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these obstacles that hinder the development of LED brands, it is necessary to have a tough mentality, and have the mental preparation for a protracted war. Don't be too hasty and backfire. In view of the current situation that LED enterprises in our country have products without licenses, industry leaders and academic elites who are always concerned about the development of LED industry have also voiced their opinions. They criticize the current disadvantages and lament the fact that LED enterprises in our country have products without licenses, but they place more hopes and expectations on the LED industry. Wu Hong, director of Shanghai lighting Society, said that most LED enterprises in China are repeating the simple labor of labeling and processing, and there are not many enterprises working for international lighting bosses such as Philips and oslang, the original technology is too little, so going out is always labeled with a label. In addition, the imperfection of the domestic industrial management system and the frequent mistakes in many monitoring links such as monitoring and spot checks have made the domestic LED industry even worse. In the face of all kinds of disappointments, Wu Hong said bluntly that both the enterprise itself and the government should learn from each other. On the one hand, the enterprise urgently needs to break the awareness of small farmers, develop core technologies, and make profits while drawing names, on the other hand, relevant departments should strengthen supervision and management, repair system loopholes, formulate industry standards, guide enterprises to cultivate brand awareness, and give enterprises greater support in policy subsidies. [Img] /Uploads/allimg/140520/22-1405201536061U. Jpg [/Img] Sheng binzi, a well-known marketer in the industry, believes that technology and capital are crucial to the LED Tree brand. He said that as an LED industry with a highly market-oriented economy, it is impossible to produce Monopoly brands in the future, but only big brands and strong brands, all of which need capital and technological promotion, he firmly believes that LED enterprises with technological advantages, capital advantages and channel advantages can produce big brands, while for those small Wei enterprises that specialize in providing one-to-One solutions, 2- Three years later, there will also be a spring of development. In his view, the LED market is only the initial stage of light source Replacement. 2012- 2015 will be the peak period of replacement in the LED market, and 2016 to 2020 will be a brand-new period of change and innovation. Therefore, if enterprises insist on innovative technologies, gather capital and cultivate channels, and tear open the small mouth of the subdivision, starting from the small entrance will be able to win the market. Teyoushi Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Yin Kang, managing director of the limited company, revealed his brand view, saying that the brand concept reflects the quality of light (Energy saving, environmental protection, scenario, value) The pursuit of, which is conducive to the formation of product value segmentation advantages in the early stage of enterprise development, but with the growth of the enterprise and the enhancement of its influence, the brand concept for the product itself is highly variable and the industry is seriously homogeneous, it is necessary to refine highly differentiated brands that are more individual and differentiated. In the marketing strategy, it is necessary to stage the orientation of the appetizer, but it cannot be used as a long-term strategy. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry are also calling themselves experts in the field and industry, this will only lead to unusually serious homogenization. Therefore, Yin Kang believes that lighting enterprises must grasp the balance point between the large-scale development of enterprises and the concept positioning, and cannot excessively seek perfection, involve a wide range of issues, and cannot move towards the concept misunderstanding of extremes. People from all walks of life's longing for the LED Tree brand is in line with the current Chinese dream. What the Chinese Dream is embedded in every lighting person is the lighting dream. At a time when the national trend calls for Chinese enterprises to be self-reliant, lighting enterprises have ushered in the season of their own transformation, leaving the hat of a substitute factory and creating a well-known independent brand, which is the inevitable choice for lighting enterprises to dream of light, it is time for Chinese lighting enterprises to withdraw from the historical stage of the era of no brand and open a new chapter in development.
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