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LED enterprises need to pay attention to design in developing European market

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-15
In the future, NVC Lighting's 80 sales revenue should come from overseas. On March 15, at the new LED product launch conference of NVC Lighting in Beijing Water Cube, Wu Changjiang said boldly that the overseas market should have more market prospects than the domestic market. On the whole, at present, China's LED lighting enterprises are weak in overseas sales as a whole, and some areas are even more unlicensed, making it difficult to capture a list with a large profit margin. As an important market for lighting, Europe is a delicious cake in the hearts of Chinese entrepreneurs, but this cake is hard to chew. Recently, Japanese and Korean enterprises have laid out the European market one after another. The European market has become more variable. Where is the stage for Chinese LED enterprises to perform in Europe? Lighting pays attention to design. At this year's Frankfurt exhibition, exhibitors not only introduced LED products, but also more and more products were integrated into new LED designs and applications. For example, Philips showed its newly designed OLED chandelier, which can change colors according to different music rhythms. Osram's new modular lighting technology design can adjust lighting according to students' daily fatigue. Another example is the use of Zigbee, Wifi and other wireless technologies to display various application scenarios with intelligent control systems such as consumption, office and retail, which are no longer the bright spot for people to scream at this exhibition, but it has become a trend. Entering the lighting design exhibition hall, there are quite a lot of imaginative industrial design products, many of which are highly integrated with mechanics, optics and aesthetics. An industry insider said after watching the exhibition that compared with the technical PK competition in previous years, the theme of this exhibition is people and lights, and the impact of lights on people's life and happiness index. Pang guiwei, chairman of Shenzhen Tongpu Technology Co. , Ltd. , also said that this year's Frankfurt exhibition is completely a conceptual exhibition, which is completely different from some previous exhibitions in China. It is the wind of this concept of personality that makes us brighter and feel better. Pang guiwei's analysis shows that Chinese enterprises have been focusing too much on the light source itself, ignoring the combination of light and art, light and life and environment. Over time, domestic enterprises play a more important role in providing light sources for foreign enterprises. Domestic enterprises must change this situation, and our products should also combine art to highlight aesthetic feeling. Designing a unique product can be synchronized with the International.
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