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LED enterprises must not find the wrong opponent

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-17
It is an inevitable trend for LED lighting to replace traditional lighting. This replacement is not only the replacement of products, but also the replacement of brands. It is also the change of market position between manufacturers and manufacturers, merchants and merchants, just like Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone industry replaced Nokia and Motorola. In this fierce replacement war, it has long been decided who can win the traditional lighting and LED lighting in this war without smoke of gunpowder. The market is competitive. If you want to win the replacement battle, you must clearly replace the target. You must have an opponent and you must find an opponent. Finding the wrong opponent will inevitably lead to waste of resources, misguided and loss of confidence, making the competition difficult to win. There are three main types of so-called wrong opponents: Classes are different types of opponents. For example, the home lighting is aimed at the opponents of commercial lighting, while the circulation type is aimed at the opponents of the project type. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: 1. The characteristics of LED lighting make the boundary line of product form begin to blur, for example, ceiling lamps and downlights are gradually converging, this makes it difficult for business owners to define product categories and even business types; 2, the new LED enterprises cross-border into lighting, light sources and lamps have not been able to distinguish clearly, to see who their products are like who to fight. The second category is opponents who have made mistakes themselves. At present, there are many such enterprises, and the investment promotion report is published every day, and the sales data are exaggerated. In particular, the new LED enterprises, seeing that the previous LED enterprises have done a great job, have tried their best to follow suit, and their products and marketing are the same. What surprised them was that the previous enterprises had actually made mistakes in products and marketing, and it was inevitable to make mistakes later. The third category is Opponents too far away. Many enterprises are ambitious and dream of flying high. They always think of destroying Rex to replace Philips, just as you want to be a sprinter and think of Bolt who wants to surpass the world. This kind of high-spirited mentality is extremely easy to make the enterprise lose its direction, get rid of its actual ability and resources, and deviate from its own advantages and strength, waste money and resources to build so-called advantages that you cannot control. The opponent is too far away, and the opponent's market and customers are difficult to reach, fight for and replace. The opponent is too far away and the goal is too far away. After that, everyone would rather give up than strive for it. When looking for an opponent, avoid picking the wrong three types of opponents. As long as you find the right one, you will have the opportunity to find the opponent's weakness, have the opportunity to replace the opponent, and have the chance to win in the replacement competition.
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