LED Enterprises combine industry and finance, merger and acquisition expansion accelerate transforma

LED Enterprises combine industry and finance, merger and acquisition expansion accelerate transformation

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-18
Industrial transformation, finance first is one of the paths for industrial transformation and upgrading in Guangdong province. In recent years, more and more listed companies have accelerated the pace of transformation through capital market financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Statistics show that Guangdong A- share listed companies have raised nearly 300 billion yuan through the capital market in the past five years, which is three times the total amount raised in the previous years, most of them are invested in high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, LED, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, cultural creativity, etc. According to statistics, the proportion of direct financing for small and medium-sized enterprises in China is less than 5. Financing difficulties, high costs, narrow channels and other issues are important factors restricting their development. Guangdong has held gold fairs in succession in recent years, which has achieved great results in publicizing and promoting the docking of production and finance. Zhou Jianjun, director of Guangzhou financial office, said: on June this year, a total of 46 intentional contracts were signed for the third Guangzhou gold fair, with a total amount of about 186. 8 billion yuan. Other occasions signed contracts, credit reached 450 billion yuan. The contracted project of industry and finance not only involves manufacturing, service and strategic emerging industries, but also involves new urbanization, infrastructure, culture, agriculture and other fields. Many listed companies have explored the integration of financial industries, some expanding the industrial chain, and some in order to further promote industrial upgrading. Wind Statistics on merger and acquisition expansion show that there were 89 merger and acquisition cases among 194 A- share listed companies in Guangdong province in 2013, with a cumulative amount of 1020. 9. 9 billion yuan, is the province with a large amount of mergers and acquisitions. Taken together, the amount of mergers and acquisitions in the past five years was 2920. 0. 2 billion yuan, 449 mergers and acquisitions completed, with an average amount of about 6. Yuan per merger. RMB 0. 5 billion. The reporter learned from most of the processing and manufacturing listed companies in Guangdong that due to the slowdown in the real economy in recent years, most industries have stagnated or regressed, and net profit has slipped year after year, forcing enterprises to find another way out. The capital market, an advantageous platform, provides the company with opportunities for transformation. In the field of cultural industry, Guangdong media is actively seeking new profit growth points. Guangdong media has started to lay out games, lottery tickets, LED and other industries since this year. LED enterprises gathered in Guangdong area, and mergers and acquisitions occurred frequently since this year. Qinshang Optronics, Hongli Optronics, Changfang lighting and so on all carried out mergers and acquisitions or expansion; In the electronic information industry, Beijing Electronics plans to expand its acquisition of flexible circuit boards and wearable projects, while Wanshun shares have been rapidly improving its technology patents in recent years and are planning to raise 4. 5% of the capital this year. Expansion of 6. 9 billion yuan. More and more Guangdong listed companies are seeking potential acquisition targets by establishing industrial funds. Generally speaking, the industrial investment funds set up by listed companies are mainly concentrated in emerging industries such as cultural media, medical treatment and the Internet. In addition, environmental protection, new materials and upgrading of processing industry are also hot areas for M & A fund investment.
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