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LED enterprises are brave enough to build factories abroad

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-17
A few days ago, a senior person in the industry visited. During the conversation, the topic went to the foreign LED lighting market. He told the author that he had just returned from the photoelectric lighting exhibition in huzhiming City, Vietnam, where the LED lighting market is very good and the price is much higher than that in China, such as 3W bulbs, domestic more than 10 yuan can be bought, Vietnam wants 5-$7. 18W solar tube, about 40 yuan cheaper in China and more than 15 US dollars in Vietnam. LED street lamps are more than three times higher than domestic prices. He said that all the products they brought to the exhibition were snapped up, and the Vietnamese also left their phones saying they would do business with them in the future. I have every reason to believe what he said. Because: First, there are only a small number of LED enterprises in Europe, America and Taiwan in Vietnam, and most of the chips are made of products such as Kerui, Osram and Japan and Asia, with high prices; Second, there are very few local LED enterprises in Vietnam, and the related supporting facilities are not complete and the products are highly dependent; Third, Vietnam is short of electricity, energy-saving products have been sought after by the government and the market, and LED lighting products have great potential. Let's look at the status of China's LED lighting industry: First, there are nearly 7000 LED enterprises in China, both in packaging and application; Second, China's own chips, although per watt Lumen can not be compared with the giants such as Kerui, Osram, Japan and Asia, but most of them can still reach 80-100 (Lumens per watt) , Can fully meet the lighting needs, and the price is low; Third, the price war has pushed LED enterprises to a dead end, and 'fighting in the nest' has become a portrayal of this industry. Similarly, a friend also told the author at the beginning of the year that there are also some countries in Africa where land is very cheap, policies are very favorable, labor prices are also very low, and monthly wages are only 300-RMB 500. But at present, there are only some shoe factories in Dongguan to invest, and there are almost no LED enterprises. LED enterprises are unwilling to invest and build factories abroad for the following reasons: first, they are afraid of risks. For example, the recent incident in which Vietnamese employees smashed factories in mainland China and Taiwan, China; The second is to worry about incomplete supporting facilities and difficulties in purchasing raw materials; Third, there are concerns about language barriers and management problems; The fourth is to worry about the channel problem. I admit that I will definitely encounter some problems when I go abroad to build a factory, but some problems can be solved. For example, if the company goes out and integrates a complete industrial chain, can it not solve the problem of supporting problems and raw material supply? You can't be scared by problems. Is there no problem at home? Since there are so many business opportunities to build factories abroad, why not go for a break. Instead of 'fighting in the nest' at home, it is better to take some risks abroad, maybe you will find a new way.
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