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LED enterprise development: products and services are indispensable

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-16
The economic recovery has prompted an increase in foreign orders, and the government has continuously introduced measures to support the development of the LED industry. For example, the spring breeze has dispelled the haze over the LED lighting market, in 2014, there was a full-scale outbreak, which started the prelude of LED lighting replacing traditional lighting. According to the forecast of relevant agencies, the LED lighting market is expected to achieve a market penetration rate of 60 to 80 in the next 2 to 3 years. Under the favorable background of the development of this industry, some LED lighting enterprises have invited many stars to speak for their products, hoping to create a brand name in a short period of time. There is no denying the fact that although this way of burning money has a certain effect on building brand awareness in the short term, is it advisable to start the brand in this way? Recently, the reporter interviewed Mr. Liu Xiaoxiong, vice president of Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting Co. , Ltd. and general manager of outdoor lighting sales center of LED lighting division, on the brand building of LED lighting enterprises. Mr. Liu Xiaoxiong said that the LED lights generally accepted by consumers in the market are mainly produced by traditional lighting enterprises with certain brand awareness, and some of them have high cost-effective LED lights, however, due to consumers' low awareness of emerging brands, they failed to reach the expected popularity. Traditional lighting has accumulated for many years and has great brand influence. Therefore, it is normal for consumers to rely more on the quality of their products when a large number of inferior LED products are flooding the market. However, the products of traditional lighting enterprises are generally positioned in the middle. Before they have a deep understanding of LED products, ordinary people generally do not spend so much money to buy these products. And this is the opportunity for emerging lighting brands to seize market share. Although maixing lighting is positioned as a Chinese brand, our Chinese refers to the high quality of the products. High cost performance is one of the core competitive advantages of maixing lighting products, supplemented by excellent full-course service capability and correct market strategy, maixing lighting has achieved very good results as soon as it enters the domestic market, it has been recognized and affirmed by many consumers! When talking about the current market situation, Liu Xiaoxiong has full confidence in the development of maixing lighting. With the increasing maturity of the market economy, the signs of brand showing the strength of the enterprise and ensuring the quality of the products become more and more obvious. The higher the brand awareness and reputation of the enterprise, the more market share it has seized. The height of the brand needs time to accumulate, and the enterprise needs to be down-to-earth and step by step. When the new era of LED comes, we can often see the news that stars speak for so-and-so LED brands on websites, newspapers and TV, enterprises that have transformed, entered and moved to the market began to burn money in order to start their brands. So, whether the more investment, the greater the income? Liu Xiaoxiong said that in the initial stage of brand promotion, advertising can really have a certain effect, but if the brand wants to get the long-term recognition of the vast number of consumers, LED enterprises need to exert more power from their own positioning and tactics. In the process of building the brand of maixing lighting, Jiawei shares focuses on the improvement of the cost performance of its own products and the supporting ability of its services, taking this as the basic and core element of the brand. The brand represents the strength and culture of the enterprise, and the enterprise with brand awareness and reputation will have a greater chance of winning market share. The formation of a brand takes time to settle down, but different enterprises use different time in the process of building a brand, which mainly depends on the positioning and tactics of the enterprise. In the process of brand building, enterprises can actively use various media to promote, and at the same time, they should also think about how to quickly achieve the strategic layout from point to point through channel construction. Before choosing star endorsements, we must first measure the enterprises, and fully consider whether the enterprises have enough funds to support the high endorsement fees and whether star endorsements can bring long-term profits, whether the enterprise's products have enough core competitive advantages to impress consumers. If there is no cost-effective products and matching quality services as the basis, no matter how good the star, no matter how good the channel model can not help the company to profit. The full-scale outbreak of the LED lighting industry is, in the final analysis, a contest on brands. The King and Kou under the brand war will eventually be reflected in the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting products and whether the service is advanced. In other words, products and services are the basic elements for creating LED brands. The future products will be more personalized and intelligent, which is one of the principles that every industry advocates and pursues. In the future, people's requirements for lamps are not only in lighting, but also in the display of their personality and the identification of their quality of life. Liu Xiaoxiong pointed out that LED lamp products will tend to be personalized and intelligent in the future, and this wave of technological innovation will bring more space and market for LED lamps. As traditional lighting enterprises already have strong brand influence and product research and development capabilities, their products are more easily recognized by consumers after turning to LED lighting. Since most of the products of these enterprises are positioned as medium and the prices are relatively high, many ordinary people have more than enough strength. According to this, Mr. Liu Xiaoxiong suggested that emerging LED enterprises should seize this opportunity to consider not only the popularity but also the reputation of the brand in the process of building LED lighting brands. We should clearly realize that popularity is only cognition, and reputation is a necessary condition for the increase of product sales. LED enterprises should formulate effective promotion methods according to their own development goals and positioning, highlight enterprise brand elements, and publicize and pave the way around core competitive advantages. What is more important is to continuously improve the competitive advantage and service capability of products, and actively build and maintain channels to achieve the goal of seizing more market share.
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