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LED enterprise brand building will save the industry

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-17
Guzhen, as the core city of China's lighting industry, according to incomplete statistics, currently has tens of thousands of lighting enterprises, tens of billions of yuan of annual sales, more than employees, and a professional lighting market, radiating to the whole country, the total sales volume accounts for more than 60 of the national civil lamps and lanterns, forming the supporting industries of the upper, middle and lower reaches. It has a relatively complete industrial chain and value chain, reflecting the relatively complete characteristics of industrial clusters, it is already China's largest lighting wholesale market and production base. However, after these glamorous data, there is such an indisputable fact: the ancient town lacks enough lighting brand enterprises. Nowadays, we are in an era of helping and guiding the life of the brand. If you put a product without a trademark and a product with a trademark, which one would you choose? I believe that everyone will definitely choose the one with the brand logo, so it is better to sell the product than to sell the brand. Although the brand is the added value of the product, its significance is far greater than that of the product itself. Because of this, many enterprises began to turn to brand marketing, and so did China's lighting industry. Tracing back to the source, what really makes people in the industry see the importance of brand strategy is the coming of the financial crisis in 2008. The economic depression has prompted some enterprises that did not pay attention to brand building to be caught off guard in the face of the crisis, while those enterprises that paid attention to brand building and had a certain brand awareness are still calm in the face of the crisis. Since then, they have realized that in order to enhance the anti-risk ability of enterprises in the face of crisis, efforts must be made in brand building. Until 2010, the development situation of China's lighting industry further improved, which also means that the competition in the lighting industry is getting fiercer and fiercer, major manufacturers have tried their best to compete for more market share. The brand strategy of enterprises has become popular and popular. One enterprise even has several brands, and market sales have blossomed everywhere. Brand building seems to have become a fashion trend. However, judging from the current situation of the development of ancient town lighting brands, there are actually very few lighting brands that are well known to consumers. It can be seen that the brand building of the lighting industry is still in a lagging state, it can't be the same as the brands in the home appliance industry. How to develop our big but not strong brands into well-known brands of lamps, how to develop well-known brands in the industry into well-known brands of the public, how to develop multi-brands into fine brands, these are all naked problems facing the ancient town lighting enterprises, and they are also urgent problems to be solved at present, which is thought-provoking. In fact, whether the brand can be built successfully depends on whether the brand can establish an effective value cognition in the hearts of the public, and the brand value depends on whether there is enough height and breathtaking light. This is the inspiration that brand building brings to us: competition for height and construction angle. The height of the brand is the position of the brand in the minds of consumers. The power brought by the height of the brand can surpass the power of the product itself, which is enough for consumers to chase. Compared with the brands in lower positions, the competitive advantages obtained by the brands in higher positions are huge and cannot be replaced in the minds of consumers, this type of brand can even turn its height into the standard of the industry. However, because there is no real brand, a large number of lighting enterprises in China can only get a small profit in the supply competition, which can only be regarded as a grass economy. There is not enough money for product research and development, technological improvement and marketing upgrading, which in turn forces these lighting enterprises to continue to stay in the low-end processing link of the value chain and it is difficult to establish strong value competitiveness. The economy with brands is a big tree economy and a high economy. Only by establishing a high brand can an enterprise truly gain the recognition of consumers and enjoy the initiative in the market, thus being able to control the market rather than being controlled by the market. Brand as a new round of competition, is it a blessing to the industry? We have yet to study. However, it is an established fact that only brands with higher positions can establish a foothold and only brands with higher positions can control the market. No one can deny it, let alone subvert it. Besides, with the further expansion of market popularity and the continuous improvement of business grade, the business structure and product structure of lighting enterprises have undergone profound changes, the era of 30 high-speed growth in the first ten years has passed, and major lighting enterprises have experienced a long period of pain from their growth. Some experts predict that in the next few years, the reshuffle of the lighting industry with high quality and good price and survival of the fittest will accelerate, and the number of lighting enterprises surviving in the market will drop sharply. As one of the effective measures to enhance the core competitiveness in today's fierce market competition, brand building is of great significance to the development of lighting enterprises, it has played a great role in promoting lighting enterprises to embark on the road of brand and devote themselves to the brand building of high-level positions. It is the power engine for ancient town lighting enterprises to realize transformation and upgrading and seize market opportunities, it is also a life-saving straw for the lighting enterprises on the edge of reshuffle.
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