LED Commercial Lighting Alliance established the second wave of lighting business opportunities-ALLT

LED Commercial Lighting Alliance established the second wave of lighting business opportunities

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
In the industry bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Research Institute, the lighting Association and the Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor industry association (TOSIA) A few days ago, the 'LED Commercial Lighting Alliance' was jointly established, inviting 50 traditional lighting companies and LED manufacturers such as China electric appliance, Jingdan, Jingdian, Yiguang and Lunda to form an industrial settlement. combining lighting, LED and light environment design and other elements, the LED shared module and network marketing channel required for commercial lighting design will be established to inject LED innovation momentum into Taiwan's lighting industry. grab the second wave of LED commercial lighting new business opportunities. LV Zhenghua, deputy director of the industrial bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that in order to promote the transformation of Taiwan's traditional industries, the Executive Yuan uses ICT, cultural creation, environmental protection and other elements. since 101, we have promoted 12 'traditional industry reform plans and promotion plans' such as tourism, Internet of Things and hand tools, injecting innovative vitality into traditional industries and improving industrial value. The novel and fashionable LED lamps are one of the key promotion plans. It is hoped that the lighting industry will flourish through the combination of fashion design beauty and LED technology innovation value, plus verification system and brand channel expansion. Liu Junting, director of the Institute of Optoelectronics of the ITRI, said that the total output value of LED lighting in Taiwan in 2013 was NT $219. 5 billion. At the same time, the total revenue of LED chips was as high as US $15. RMB 0. 8 billion. In the future, LED lighting will grow rapidly, and the development of the next generation of healthy lighting systems will become the focus of market promotion. In addition to the continuous development of related system integration technologies, ITRI also hopes to set up an efficient cooperation platform for Taiwan's lighting industry to promote practical results in industrial investment. Therefore, through the influential Taiwan Lighting Association and the Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor industry association (TOSIA) The 'LED Commercial Lighting Alliance' was jointly established to help the domestic lighting industry continue to bring healthy lighting systems to users in the international market. Lin Qingyuan, president of the LED Commercial Lighting Alliance and chairman of the Lighting Association, pointed out that the LED Commercial Lighting Alliance will be a task-based industrial cluster, focusing on traditional lighting manufacturers and LED manufacturers. taking 3 years as a phase, taking shared resources as a niche, through integrating the strengths of various operators, setting up shared lamp modules, reducing production costs and maintenance costs, expanding the application market, and strengthening lamp design. in combination with fashion lighting elements, we will guide manufacturers to develop high-value lighting niche application products. In addition, we must set up an online lighting sales platform to provide new sales channels for member manufacturers and provide many excellent lamps for consumers to purchase. Wang Binglong, chairman of TOSIA, said that the demand for lamps has grown rapidly in recent years, and the penetration rate of LED lighting is estimated to reach 20 in 2014. Under the promising prospect of LED lighting market, through the alliance, combined with traditional lighting industry and LED light source module business, and joined the lighting design industry to provide professional advice, to create a light environment system integration service, will be able to develop more LED application products, expand the new market of LED lighting application, let Taiwan's excellent LED lighting products enter the world, and the quality continues to be recognized by the world, pushing Taiwan to become the main supplier of niche LED lighting.
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