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LED car lighting grows fast in 2020

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-27
ItayMichaeli, director of automotive research at Citigroup, recently released a report saying that in the next six years, LED lights, radio communications and other technologies have a promising future, and suppliers should focus on development. In automotive devices, the sales volume of LED lamps has increased rapidly, with the expected annual sales volume of LED headlights increasing by an average of 51. 5%. The five major technologies are expected to grow high. At a seminar in Detroit a few days ago, ItayMichaeli pointed out in a speech at the conference that by 2020, automotive technologies with fast device sales growth include five categories, including LED lamps. For suppliers, in the right technology segment, the market will usher in an attractive era. According to the average annual sales growth expectation of device units, the five major technologies are: 1. LED headlights: 51 2. Remote wireless electronic communication: 34 3. Camera: 29 4. Radar: 23 5. Lithium ion battery: 22 in ItayMichaeli's view, the main reason why the above technology will grow at a high speed is that the cost has dropped sharply in recent years. In addition, consumers have also shown their willingness to pay for some new technologies, including technologies that greatly improve vehicle safety, fuel economy and comfort. It said: people are willing to pay $1,000 or more for things like solving traffic jams. This is an exciting data. The report also lists some technical losers. As more and more automobile manufacturers use radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, side car mirrors and even rearview mirrors are gradually becoming outdated technologies. In ItayMichaeli's view, if lawmakers allow, automakers may cancel the side mirror one day.
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