LED capacity expansion accelerated, prices of related products declined significantly

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-19
Domestic LED production capacity is expanding rapidly, and the industry is generally large but not strong. The prices of LED-related products continue to fall, exacerbating the competitive pressure in the industry, but it is conducive to promoting industry integration and the popularization of LED products. 2012 of China LED industry still keep rapid development of momentum year industry total output value reached 205. 9 billion yuan is the same period last year growth 34, among them, the output value of LED upstream epitaxial wafer, Midstream package and downstream application were 7. 2 billion yuan, 39. 7 billion yuan and 159 billion yuan respectively, up, and respectively from the same period last year. From the upstream, the number of MOCVD units in China was 917 at the end of 2012, with a total production capacity exceeding 10 times that of 2010; While the epitaxial production capacity has increased significantly, the capacity utilization rate of domestic MOCVD is only about 30, and the startup rate is only about half. Judging from the middle package, the number of domestic enterprises involved in LED package reached 1,750 in 2012, an increase of about 50 over the previous year; At present, the main products of indoor lighting ( Such as: LED fluorescent tube, LED Downlight, LED panel light) More than 30 people have chosen 2835, 5630, 3030 and other medium power products as light sources. From the perspective of downstream applications, China has become the main production base of LED application products, and more than 65 LED application products are produced in China; There are more than 10 thousand domestic LED application enterprises, of which more than 75 traditional lighting enterprises have begun to involve LED production, and the proportion is expected to increase rapidly. China's LED chip products are still mainly used in the low-end market such as display screens and light belts. Although the demand in the low-end market is strong, the growth of demand is far lower than the growth of production capacity. Oversupply leads to the rapid decline of LED chips. 2012 domestic LED chip of average price is the previous year the 32 by price continuous fall in the value of the LED chip industry net profit margin performance for profit and loss balance even loss upstream industry in advance into the fittest. The middle reaches of the package at present still maintain normal of gross margin 2012 domestic white light package Devices Average Price decline more than 30 but 2835 in power products still have 30 about of is high gross margin, become the main profit growth point of packaging enterprises. According to statistics, the overall luminous efficiency of domestic downstream LED indoor lighting products increased by 18. In 2012. 7, but the average price has dropped by 23; At the same time, the price of lamps and lanterns continues to fall, further narrowing the price gap between LED lighting products and traditional lighting products. On the one hand, the continuous decline in LED prices has promoted the popularization of LED lighting; on the other hand, it has intensified the white-hot competition in the industry and accelerated the adjustment of the industry.
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