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LED business becomes Foshan Lighting profit point or power e-commerce channel

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-31
No transformation is to die, to seek new profit growth points from LED lighting, which has become the unified practice of traditional lighting factories. This year, the market for traditional light sources is shrinking, but Foshan Lighting has always insisted on walking on two legs, one hand on traditional light sources and the other on LED. According to the 'record form of investor relations activities' released by Foshan Lighting on November 5, the sales revenue of its traditional light source products did not change much year on year, while the sales revenue of LED products increased greatly year on year. There is no denying the fact that Foshan Lighting, which used to be slightly conservative in the LED business layout, has a tendency to catch up with others. In the annual report for the first half of 2014, Foshan Lighting showed LED lighting products for the first time. In the first half of this year, Foshan Lighting LED lighting revenue was 4. 5%. 2. 1 billion yuan, up 341 year on year. 10, which means that Buddha's LED business revenue in the first half of 2013 has not yet reached 0. 1 billion yuan, while the sunshine lighting LED business in the same period has already reached more than 0. 4 billion yuan, and NVC Lighting LED business revenue has contributed. RMB 0. 8 billion. According to the performance report for the third quarter of 2014 released by Foshan Lighting, from January this year to September, Foshan Lighting's operating income was 23. 5. 6 billion yuan, up from the same period last year. 51; Net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 0. 3 billion yuan, up from the same period last year. 77. In the face of the fact that the traditional lighting market is gradually shrinking, Foshan Lighting's LED business revenue continues to rise, with a half-year LED revenue of 4. 5%. 0. 2 billion yuan, accounting for 27. Changjiang Securities's earlier research report said that Foshan Lighting's LED products in the third quarter will be in this proportion (27) On the basis of further improvement, Foshan Lighting LED revenue is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan throughout the year. However, the early layout of sunshine lighting still robbed an early market. From January this year to September, the accumulated revenue of sunshine lighting LED business was 11. 0. 2 billion yuan, an increase of 53. 42. The fact that the price of LED lighting products has dropped is also in front of us. Foshan Lighting said that the company's LED products have dropped a lot from the beginning of the year to now, and are now relatively stable. It is estimated that it is difficult to see a sharp drop in prices as at the beginning of the year. In addition, the company has channels to develop e-commerce, but the scale needs to be gradually expanded, and e-commerce should be balanced with physical stores. Query Foshan Lighting Tmall flagship store found that the product low price of 5. 5 yuan, this is a 2 w led Crystal series bulb lamp, with 3 W, 5 W, 10W and other power to choose from. It is also a high sales volume, with a total sales volume of 124301. The high price is an LED ceiling lamp, priced at 895 yuan, with 30W and 98W to choose from. The sales volume is not so ideal, only 22 lamps are sold. It seems that the price of pro-people products is popular! In addition, Foshan Lighting said that the company's stake in Guoxuan hi-tech is mainly financial investment and does not participate in its production and operation. If Guoxuan Gaoke backdoor Dongyuan electric appliance is listed successfully, the assets corresponding to the equity held by Foshan Lighting will be reflected in the company's net assets. If the shares are transferred out, they will be reflected in the investment income.
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