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LED bulb prices fell further in April

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
The further decline in bulb prices in April will promote the release of demand. We maintain a good judgment on the fundamentals of the LED industry and judge that the price of LED bulbs will be further explored. The decline in the price of end products is conducive to the accelerated release of demand, but for manufacturers in the industrial chain, it may mean that profitability is under further pressure. The profitability of manufacturers will begin to differentiate from this. Some manufacturers that occupy a dominant position in the industrial chain may resolve the pressure brought by price reduction by virtue of advantages such as scale effect, however, some manufacturers will be eliminated in the process of falling prices and increasing competition. Judging from the quotation of LED bulbs in April, the price fell further, and the competition among manufacturers also gradually warmed up. Some mainstream international lighting manufacturers with high prices dropped below 10 euros (Replace 40W incandescent lamp products). The low price of LED bulbs replacing 40W and 60W incandescent lamps has reached 4. 5% respectively. $1 and $5. 7 US dollars, the average price is 16. $1 and $23. $8. In Europe, prices have fallen sharply. Britain and Germany replaced 40W products respectively. 3 and 13. The decline of 2, replacing 60W products fell by 4. 8 and 7. 3. The price of 40W products replaced by China dropped sharply by 9, which is low. The decline in prices is an important driving force for demand. We believe that the further increase in competition is mainly due to: 1. The judgment of downstream manufacturers on the recovery of terminal demand and even the good is gradually consistent, so that more manufacturers join the competition, in order to occupy the market earlier. For example, Samsung and Osram quickly lowered the price of products in European channels respectively to seize the vacant market space after the total ban on incandescent lamps. 2. Strong manufacturers have increased their efforts to distribute goods through channels, resulting in a downward shift in the price range of strong brand products. The premium space of some original weak manufacturers is becoming smaller and forced to further reduce prices and compete. The launch of the Chinese market has been paid more and more attention by international manufacturers. According to the statistics of NPDDisplaySearch, the overall demand of China's LED lighting market will account for in 2013. 7, is second only to Japan and Europe, China's demand will account for 20. In 2014. 2, more than the European region. International manufacturers have paid more attention to the Chinese market. For example, in May 2013, Philips all-round LED bulbs were officially listed in the Chinese market. The price of the products was about 49 yuan, accelerating the opening of the Chinese market.
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