LED bulb prices continue to fall in July

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-16
According to a survey on the retail price of new LED bulbs in the green energy business department under the TrendForce period, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W fell slightly by about 0. 5% in July this year. 6, reaching 15. $5, with prices in the US falling significantly. The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W fell slightly by 3. 3, reached 22. $6, with prices in Europe falling significantly. Replacing the traditional 40-watt incandescent bulb, the average price in the United States fell significantly, and the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W fell slightly by 0. 6, reaching 15. US $5, of which the average price of goods in the United States is 8. 4 down. Some of the original commodities temporarily withdrew from the market, and the rest of the prices fell steadily. No new items appeared this month. The price of July in the UK rose by 3. 6. The original commodity prices showed a fluctuating trend, and some items were raised. There were no new items in the region. The average price of goods in Germany fell by 3 in July. 9, the original commodity prices showed a stable or downward trend, and the exchange rate rose also led to price decline. The average price of goods replacing 40W in Japan rose by about 4. 2. The original commodity prices showed a fluctuating trend, mainly due to the increase in the average price caused by the decline in the exchange rate. South Korea's July price was 0. 8 rose slightly, the original commodity price basically remained unchanged, and the price rose due to the decline in the exchange rate. In addition, the price of commodities replacing 40W in China has not changed this month, and the average price is still 10. 2 US dollars, the original goods remained stable, and no new items appeared this month. Commodity prices in Taiwan showed a 2 increase in July. The original commodity prices remained stable mainly due to the high price of new items. Replacing the traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb products, the average price of new products replacing 60-watt LED bulbs in Taiwan increased by 3. In July. 3 fell slightly, reaching 22. Six dollars. Among them, prices in Britain and Germany showed 14. 5% respectively in July. 1 and 9. 6 fell sharply, with some of the original high-priced items in the UK temporarily withdrawing from the market, and the prices of other commodities showed a fluctuating trend. The German region has more new items, and the original commodity prices have fallen steadily. Prices in the United States have remained basically unchanged. The prices of some of the original commodities have risen sharply due to the end of the promotion period. The prices of other commodities have shown a stable or downward trend. No new items have appeared. The price in Japan in July showed 2. 2 fell to 22. One dollar. The price of the original commodity has fallen steadily. There are no new items in this area. The price in South Korea is 0. 9 rose, the original commodity prices did not change, mainly due to the decline in exchange rates led to price increases. In addition, the price in China has remained basically unchanged in July, the original commodity price has remained stable, and no new items have appeared this month. Taiwan's replacement of 60W commodity prices showed 5. 8 rose, the original commodity prices remained basically stable, mainly due to the higher prices of new items, resulting in higher average prices. The LED lighting market is heating up, and lighting manufacturers are stepping up their layout to attack emerging markets. It has been observed that more new items entered the market in Taiwan in July, and first-line manufacturers such as Yiguang, Toshiba and Philips all have new products on the market, and successively cut prices. Yiguang launched a new 8. 5W standard LED bulb lamp, light flux up to 827 lumens, 4 LED bulbs plus 10 thousand adapters, the price is about 25. $4. Philips 10W bulb lamp has a light flux of 800 lumens, and its selling price in Taiwan has dropped to 14. 5%. About $3. In addition, Taiwan's local manufacturers such as Delta, Tsann, China Electric, Datong and Weigang have also begun to attack the LED bulb market with their own lighting brands. It is estimated that Taiwan's LED bulb shipments will grow by 160 to in 2013. 80 thousand. Due to the large demand in Japan in the past two years, the LED bulb market has become saturated. Many international and Taiwanese LED lighting manufacturers have begun to actively explore other emerging markets. And manufacturers' active product and price strategies are also rapidly promoting the development of LED home lighting market. It is expected that when the price fluctuation caused by the new product listing effect slows down, the average price of LED bulb lamps in various regions will show an accelerated downward trend and gradually approach the sweet point.
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