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LED bulb price cuts slowed in May LED industry picks up in the second quarter

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
In May, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W incandescent lamps fell by 1. 6, come to 9. $6; The average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 60W incandescent lamps fell by 1. 4, to 12. $9; Analyst yu bin said into 2nd quarter LED industry pick up signs chip price stabilized part manufacturers chip price even has improved LED light bulb terminal price spin down slowdown. In terms of LED packaging in China, the prices of 2835 and 5630 of medium and small power remained stable in May, while the prices of 3030 of high power products declined, mainly due to the obvious increase in market demand and the increase in manufacturers, and the previous price drop was relatively slow. Wafer prices have stopped falling, and China's LED packaging prices have remained stable. In early May, Taiwan's crystal power (2448-TW) Announced the price increase of some of the wafers on sale, although Chinese manufacturers did not follow up, but at least in the short term will not be reduced. Yu Bin pointed out that the price of LED packaging also showed a downward trend in May. Except for 3030, the price of 2835 products with large market usage remained unchanged, and so did 5630 products. The price reduction speed of LED bulb lamps has slowed down. Only a few products have seen a large decline, replacing the 40W part. Although the price in Europe and the United States continues to fall, the decline has decreased, but the price in the United States has dropped by 3. 6, some products continue to promote, such as CREE6W450lm bulb lamp, 4 pack price is 18. $95, a drop of nearly 10%, and prices of some Philips products also fell. British prices fell by 2. 7. Some products have changed greatly due to promotional prices, such as Osram 6W470lm bulb lamp, and the price has dropped to 4. $99, a drop of 17. German price is 1. 4 fell slightly. Due to the May Day promotion in China, the price dropped by 2. 9. Prices in other parts of Asia are stable. Replace the 60W part, the United States cuts the price by 1. 9, slow down. The prices of most products are stable, while the prices of a small part of them are greatly reduced due to promotional activities. For example, the prices of strange lighting 13W800lm bulb lamps are reduced to 21. $8, a drop of 15. British prices fell by 2. 2 after April. After 8, May fell only 0. 5. Germany May price was 0. 8 fell slightly, and prices of most products in Europe remained stable. China's price cut after April 6. After 3, the decline in May slowed down significantly to 0. 7. Prices in other parts of Asia are stable.
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