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LED building lighting market will be dominated by white light in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-09
Jibang technology (TrendForce) LEDinside, its research institution, said that the European LED lighting market will have a compound growth rate of 38 in the next five years, which is the next mature market with rapid growth after Japan, among them, architectural lighting and commercial lighting applications have low price sensitivity, high acceptance of LED lighting and fast popularization. According to LEDinside 2011- According to the data from the European LED lighting market report in 2015, the market size of LED building lighting lamps in 2012 was about 31. US $9. 1 billion, accounting for about of the overall LED lighting market, of which Europe is the main application market, accounting for about of the LED building lighting market, with a market size. $0. 2 billion. Due to the various light and color characteristics of LED, European countries are willing to invest more funds in lighting design to promote cultural and sightseeing values to attract more tourists. TrendForce said that RGB and ColLED were the main colors used in LED use in the past, but the supply of LED in 2011 was far too much, making ASP of high-power white LED for lighting 35- The price has been reduced by 40, and the manufacturers of building lighting lamps in the market have improved their acceptance of white LED, so the proportion of white LED in building applications has exceeded in 2011. With the rapid improvement of the luminous efficiency of white light and the rapid price reduction, it is expected that white light will replace RGB/Color as the main building Color starting from 2013. (Source: Alibaba)
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