LED brand marketing needs to do three points

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-24
It is not easy for the Internet to build a corporate brand. Many companies have burned a lot of money but they have fallen into the sea. It is gone forever. Then the core principles of brand marketing have been essentially different from the past. Once, the main direction of our strategy was to build a brand based on market share and create a unique value system. Now, more attention should be paid to demand, experience and user satisfaction, in the Internet, no matter what brand you are doing, the three points will be stronger and stronger, and the dawn of brand marketing success will be promising! There are three key points that we need to pay attention to in the above enterprise brand marketing, namely: Demand, experience and user satisfaction. The scope and industry involved are very wide. For most industries, enterprises, all are effective, applicable and feasible! (Of course, except for companies similar to Apple). Next, huafucheng will tell us in detail if LED enterprises do these three things well! [img] /uploads/allimg/140504/14-140504114I5E5. jpg [/img] The demand for brand marketing of LED display screen when it comes to demand, as its name implies, is the products, materials or services that customers need, but what everyone thinks may be very simple, another layer of demand in the concept of brand marketing is psychological demand. For example: Xiao Zhang needs to buy a mobile phone, but I don't know what brand to buy, and I am worried about after-sales, I don't know what brand to buy. Xiao Zhang wants to buy a mobile phone. This is a demand, but he is worried about what brand to buy? How about after-sales service? This is his psychological needs. If you want customers to put aside their psychological needs, you have to solve this problem, otherwise there will be no effect. Even if the price of the product can be as low as amazing, Xiao Zhang may not go back to buy it. Ps: The premise of price war is rest assured. Then again, how can we do a good job of demand now? In fact, it is very simple. The sentence I have been adhering to in internet marketing is: think what users think, do what users want, what they need is what I want to provide, they don't need me to provide any value, but also waste my time and labor costs, the so-called laborious and thankless, nothing to look for, why bother? The experience of LED display brand marketing, when it comes to experience, requires a certain amount of data to analyze (Especially scientific and reliable data). But the friend who read this article may be planning a certain brand, the operation of a project, then what should the premise do? There are two choices, either asking for certain data from peers and systematically analyzing user behavior. Of course, no peer will give it to you. Therefore, only the staff with certain experience can be hired to complete the preliminary layout and positioning through his experience. In the later stage, on the basis of meeting the needs of users, we will analyze the existing data and enlarge the products with high user attention. If the user attention is very small and almost zero, we can consider whether this is no longer necessary. This article is about the behavior framework of the core idea of brand marketing, and the specific marketing details are not explained. In fact, in other words, there is only one way to increase the user experience. In addition to this, there is no shortcut. If you don't know the user behavior, how can you do the user experience well? If you are doing brand marketing online, for data analysis, you can use the upstream and downstream tools of google statistics to conduct behavior analysis, or you can check the comparison between PV and UV, to judge the overall experience of today's websites. Of course, online marketing methods such as microblog marketing, advertorial marketing and integrated marketing are all essential links, the proportion distribution of each marketing method needs to be specifically analyzed by professionals according to the products and the user behaviors and needs after data analysis. User satisfaction of LED display brand marketing user satisfaction, this link is an important link to realize brand maximization. What does user satisfaction include? Like service, word of mouth, product price, after-sales problem, execution, etc. , reflected in a variety of aspects, in short, we can not satisfy hundreds of users, however, the team must carefully implement each link based on the principle of satisfying hundreds of users as much as possible. If the service is not in place, there will be no repeat customers, and the reputation behind it will not be mentioned. Service without public praise is definitely a certain link. Apart from the problem, the solution is to find out the problem by means of exclusion and user satisfaction survey. It is impossible to estimate the value of word-of-mouth publicity between customers. The price of the product does not have to be low in the industry, but it must meet the market demand and the tolerance range of the user group of the product (Cost-effective LED display)Otherwise, the price of the product can only be sold to the second generation! After-sales problems have been a lot of bosses and I chat, they are very upset. A boss said to me: after-sales service outlets are a unpaid job in a certain place, and we also want to do it well, but they are no longer visible to the management of our enterprise, the distribution is relatively wide. For these people who deal with after-sales, the sky is high and the emperor is far away. We say one is one, and it is very difficult to really do it. Difficulty is not a problem, the problem is fear of difficulty. Knowing that it is difficult to do, but it is very important. There is no specific solution yet, just letting it develop in a vicious way. After that, loyal users will be lost, even hate the brand. Who will suffer? Summary, making an LED display brand and making an LED display Project are completely different. There is only one brand, but there can be many projects under this brand, such as CREE, Japan and Asia, are these social elites only LED lamp beads? Without grasping the user needs, user experience, user satisfaction CREE, Japan and Asia will not achieve today's excellent results!
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