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LED 'bankruptcy tide' strikes, the industry has to face reshuffle

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
With the continuous maturity of LED industry and the continuous innovation and development of technology, on the one hand, the ability of LED products to meet major projects and special needs is getting stronger and stronger; On the other hand, industrial capital swarms in, and uneven enterprise qualifications and strengths lead to chaotic market competition, product homogenization, low-cost competition, and capital chain breakage, the industry has to face a reshuffle. Under this wave of integration, enterprises with strong capital, strong technology and stable channels will obtain more and more effective resources, and the industry will continue to gather to form an industrialization scale, for small and medium-sized enterprises that lack sources of funds, lack technological innovation, lack quality control and industry chain integration capabilities, they will undoubtedly be eliminated in the integration tide. As the development of the LED industry gradually returns to rationality, the industry threshold will gradually form. The tide of industry integration will definitely show the Matthew effect. The stronger the bigger Evergrande and the stronger the stronger, only technology-driven enterprises and innovative application-oriented enterprises under resources and capital can become competitive. Zhou Ming technology has been working in the LED display industry for ten years and has successfully become a domestic supplier of LED application products and solutions. With the strong capital support of listed companies, it has begun to take shape, strong standing in the tide of industry integration. Strong capital drives technological innovation. Science and technology are productive forces. Technological innovation is the major driving force for industry and even social progress, and technological innovation requires continuous investment in research and development, for small and medium-sized enterprises that are short of funds and have difficulties in financing, they are often struggling to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition. It is difficult to invest extra funds in technology research and development. Therefore, it is difficult to form core competitiveness. But for powerful large enterprises, they are rich in resources and abundant in capital. As long as they have the right business philosophy and direction and pay attention to research and development, they can realize the development of technological innovation industry and form their own core competitiveness, zhou Ming technology undoubtedly belongs to this type. It is understood that Zhou Ming science and technology has been innovating in the field of LED display screens. As many as 162 patents have been granted and are being applied for, and two innovative products have been announced. One is naked-eye 3DLED Super TV, the second is UTV0. 8 modules, both of which are in the world of LED display application research and development. The former applies naked-eye 3D technology to LED Super TV, which is not only a major breakthrough in naked-eye 3D technology, but also a step closer to the dream in the display field without glasses, you can feel the effect of 3D blockbuster on the LED large screen. Zhou Ming technology Small spacing product UTV series from 2. 5mm, 1. 9mm, 1. 6mm, 1. 4mm, 1. 2mm, 1. From 0mm to the present 0. 8mm, this is not just a simple product line extension, but represents the technical strength and advanced technological level of the industry. Differentiated products are deeply cultivated to segment the market. The industry generally agrees that product homogenization is a common problem in the current market competition, and it is also a big obstacle that hinders enterprises from standing out in the market. Only by getting rid of homogenization can they get rid of the Red Sea, only by focusing on differentiation and market segmentation can we find our own blue sea and obtain high added value. The reason why Zhou Ming technology has maintained its position in the LED display industry for many years is inseparable from the strategy of focusing on market segmentation. From the perspective of product line, Zhou Ming technology has developed a series of products aiming at different market applications, including Ivy League series and Skylark series aiming at advertising media market, Parrot series aiming at leasing market, the spherical screen series for the sports event market, the creative screen series for the stage interpretation market, and the small-pitch display screen for commercial display and control display (UTV)Series. From the perspective of technological innovation, the small-pitch display screen realizes seamless splicing of any size and breaks through the bottleneck of indoor display technology of low brightness and high gray, that is, under the low brightness required indoors, the gray level will not be lost, the image quality will not be damaged, the vision of human eyes will not be damaged, and the real picture display can be ensured, it has created great possibilities for entering the large-scale commercial and civil display markets. Channel win-win value sharing. For production enterprises, channels are like blood vessels of human body and are carriers to realize metabolism. Without channels or channels that are not strong enough, enterprises cannot develop well. Zhou Ming science and technology has been deeply aware of the importance of channels since he joined the display screen industry. Therefore, he has always attached special importance to the construction of channels and has always adhered to the positioning of channel brands, adhere to the principle of continuously creating value for customers. Due to the integration of display screen system and the complexity of signal access, distribution cannot meet the needs of customers. It must rely on channel mode and strengthen cooperation from upstream and downstream of the supply chain to better protect the interests of enterprises themselves and channel providers, achieve shared high value. Reporters learned at the Qingdao channel development conference of Zhou Ming science and technology in 2014 that Zhou Ming science and technology works closely with upstream suppliers in research and development, provide customers with more reliable and cost-effective competitive advantages in raw materials, cost and quality; The downstream combines integrators, engineering companies, and channel providers to fully understand and tap the needs of users, continuously improve products and services, and integrate good application solutions to create a comprehensive competitive advantage in the industrial chain. Reshuffle and integration are the necessary stages for the development of the industry. Only enterprises with core competitiveness can stand in the tide of integration. Only when they have mastered the right to speak in the industry can they have the possibility of the stronger.
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