LED application market breaks out soon

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-20
The LED market has opened a 100 billion mark, and a bloody LED breakout battle is inevitable. As an emerging sunrise industry, LED industry not only has hundreds of billions of economic value, but also has huge social value of energy conservation and environmental protection. The LED industry chain includes: upstream equipment manufacturing, raw materials, chip manufacturing and packaging in the midstream, and downstream LED applications, namely chip manufacturing equipment, chip manufacturing, packaging and application industries. The bright troubled chip manufacturing equipment, MOCVD manufacturing, is the commanding height of the entire LED industry chain with extremely high technical barriers. Relevant data shows that in 2012, Germany's AIXTRON company, America's VEECO company and Japan's dayangjic acid company achieved a total of market share of MOCVD equipment manufacturing, few Chinese companies can compete with international first-tier companies in this field. Chip manufacturing is an important link in the LED industry chain. Judging from the concentration of the industry, according to LEDinside data, the concentration of the mainland LED chip industry further increased in 2013, from 61. In 2012 to in. 9 to 64. 4. It is expected to reach 67 in 2014. 5. According to the data of San'an Optoelectronics, a large domestic manufacturer of LED chips, the comprehensive production capacity of 10 million LED epitaxial wafers and 300 billion chips was formed in 2014, accounting for more than of the total domestic production capacity, ranking first in the country, ranked third in Asia and tenth in the world. Although San'an Optoelectronics has become the domestic and even LED chip production leader, it is unable to develop overseas markets, because the LED lighting chip market is mainly dominated by five major enterprises ( Nikko chemical, Toyota synthesis, Cree, Philips Lumileds and Osram) These five leading enterprises maintain their competitive advantage and market share by virtue of a series of patented technologies covering almost the entire LED value chain. However, only a few LED chip companies with advantages in scale, brand, technology and channel resources can win and increase their market share, however, most other small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated by fierce market competition in the next few years. Another important part of LED is packaging. With the continuous development and evolution of LED packaging technology, packaging technology has developed from formal to vertical and inverted, and now wafer-level packaging technology is becoming increasingly mature. Flip-Chip and wafer-level packaging technologies are the extension of chips to packaging, that is, chip manufacturers will directly complete the packaging process in the future. In this way, the market space for packaging will be compressed. As a result, in recent years, LED packaging companies have either actively transformed or faced acquisition or bankruptcy. For example, Guoxing Optoelectronics extends upstream and downstream, and is involved in upstream chip manufacturing and downstream LED lighting; Jufei Optoelectronics extends from the backlight to the backlight film; Wanrun technology acquired Rishang optoelectronics, and its business extended to areas such as identification and lighting applications. However, most LED packaging enterprises will be more difficult, and industry integration will be a major trend in the next few years. Application Market outbreak soon 2008- Although the LED application subdivision industry maintained a relatively high growth in 2013, the growth contribution mainly came from laptops, desktops, televisions, tablet computers, etc. with medium and large backlights, as well as related backlights such as small and medium-sized mobile phones, with the promotion of smart phones, the mobile phone backlight market driven by the change of mobile phones has become active again. During this period, the total output value of backlight lighting accounted for more than 70, and the proportion of medium and large size backlight reached 55, become the main driving force for the growth of LED industry. LED lighting market will enter the outbreak period in 2014. According to LEDinside report Display Market LED lighting permeability is fast improve 2014 LED lighting output value will reach 17. 8 billion beauty yuan overall LED lighting product shipment quantity up to 13. 0. 2 billion, up 68 from 2013. The economic value of LED lighting is increasingly prominent. The cost of upstream chips and packaging links continues to decline, and the low price difference between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps is less than double; The types of LED products conforming to home lighting are increasing rapidly; Demand has entered a stage of highly elastic growth, and the sensitivity of demand to price has greatly increased; From the perspective of policy, LED lighting has an obvious substitution effect when it entered the second wave of incandescent lamp prohibition peak in 2014. The advantages of LED product price decline, light efficiency increase year by year, energy efficiency increase year by year, and life extension have promoted the rapid development of LED lighting industry. Up to now, energy-saving lamps are the key mass products for traditional lighting to combat LED lighting. According to industry calculations, a family uses 10 4-watt LED lamps and 10 15-watt energy-saving lamps to compare ( 4 w led lights of luminous efficiency equivalent in 15-watt energy-saving lamp) , Using 10 LED lights can save about 200 yuan in electricity a year. Chen Wenji, chief operating officer of Foshan Lighting LED division, said: in early 2012, LEDT8 tube (A lamp type) The price of is 180 yuan, which has dropped to 40 yuan by the end of 2012; In 2013, this type of product dropped from 40 yuan to 20 yuan; In 2014, it has dropped from 20 yuan to more than ten dollars. Luminescence efficiency than energy-saving lamps high price energy-saving lamps low life than energy-saving lamps long LED lighting products have breakthrough the energy-saving lamps of defense. Incandescent lamps, another major product of traditional lighting, have already entered the phase of elimination. As the fourth generation of lighting source, LED has replaced traditional lighting. The LED lighting market has developed rapidly and has now become a market with yuan of space, but the market concentration is still very low. For example, sunshine lighting is optimistic and estimates that the market share of LED lighting in 2014 will be 1-Between 2, there is considerable room for improvement.
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