LED application expands to lighting field

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-20
In recent years, listed companies have more plans to increase their plans in the secondary market, but Liad (300296, stock bar)(300296) The fixed increase plan was only accepted for one day's daily limit, and turned down the next day, with the volume doubled from the previous day, and the subsequent trend also lagged behind the broader market. The company's acquisition is facing a recovery in the LED industry, should be affirmed by the market, then why is the capital market not shocked? An important step in the development of the extension of Jinda lighting, the additional plan shows that Liad will be 19. 95 yuan/share will increase by 7. 61 million shares, with a total cash of 0. 2 billion yuan to acquire 100 of Jinda lighting. At the same time, it is proposed to be no less than 17. 95 yuan/share fixed increase to raise matching funds not exceeding 67. 5 million yuan, of which 5062. 50 thousand yuan will be used to pay cash consideration, and the rest will be used to support the development of Jinda's main business and improve the integration efficiency after mergers and acquisitions. Jinda lighting is a provider of integrated lighting solutions, and its strategic customers include Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Guotou (Wal-Mart) Shangri-La hotel group, Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa, etc. , 2013-Net profit in September was 1119. 550 thousand yuan, with a net profit forecast of 1755 yuan in 2014. RMB 170 thousand. In addition, the counterparty promised that the net profit of Jinda lighting for four years from 2013 will be no less than 15 million yuan, 22. 5 million yuan, 29. 25 million yuan and 38. 03 million yuan respectively. If the promise is not fulfilled, the counterparty will compensate. Leade is a leading enterprise in the field of LED application in China, the products mainly include LED full-color display products, system display products, creative display products, LED televisions, LED lighting products and LED backlight identification systems. The company is in an advantageous position in the competition of large and medium LED application projects, especially in the field of LED small-pitch TV products. The third quarterly report of 2013 showed that the company's sales volume in the international market increased greatly, 1 ~ On September, international business order 1. 4. 3 billion yuan, confirmed income 1. 0. 5 billion yuan, an increase of 80. 69. It is expected that the net profit confirmed in the fourth quarter will increase significantly. In addition, 1 ~ On September, LED small-pitch TV signed an order 2. 0. 3 billion yuan, achieving sales revenue of 1. 1. 5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33. 04, gross profit rate reached 36. 37, become the main force of operating income. The performance commitment of this acquisition will significantly improve the company's future performance. Liad plans that the future LED lighting business income scale will be equivalent to the LED display business income scale. The company's acquisition will speed up the extension development of the company's LED lighting business sector with the help of Jinda lighting's technical advantages, channel resources and customer resources. Relevant industrial policies show that the relevant ministries and commissions of the state will promote the implementation of green lighting projects and implement the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan. Therefore, the lighting engineering industry where Jinda lighting is located has broad market development space. The development prospect of large 4 k hdtv is promising. It is understood that the screen of led TV, which is widely known by consumers at present, is still a liquid crystal panel, but the LED backlight module replaces the traditional backlight, therefore, it still belongs to the traditional LCD LCD TV category, not the real led TV. Led TV independently developed and launched by Liad, as a real LED panel self-luminous TV, is the first achievement in the field of LED display and has independent innovation core technology and intellectual property rights, for led TV with small dot spacing and high definition, the development of led TV industry represents the cutting-edge technical level of LED display industry. The LED small-pitch TV developed by Liad company was put into the market in 2012, it has the advantages of high brightness, no joint shape, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, wide viewing angle, short response time, light weight, three-dimensional display and the like. In order to meet the needs of customers, touch function is also added. 2012 of the company signed a total of nearly 0. 2 billion sales order in reporting period in confirm income 1. 5. 3 billion yuan, gross profit rate reached 36. 71. The LED small-pitch TV products independently developed by the company are divided into 4mm, 3mm and 2 according to the pixel spacing. 5mm, 1. 9mm, 1. 6mm 2013 the company developed smaller spacing 1. 2mm products have entered the stage of small batch production. On July this year, the company released large 288-inch 4 k hd led TVs and 144-inch and 110-inch standardized TVs with a pixel spacing of 1. 6mm/1. 9mm/2. 5mm, the first in the world, led TV can reach a high refresh rate of 3840Hz. The industrialization of the company's LED large-size TV has passed the acceptance of the expert group. The output value is expected to reach 0. 5 billion yuan in 2013, while the company's main income in 2012 is 5. 6. 9 billion yuan, small-pitch TV will become an important pillar of the company. With the release of LED standard TV, the company plans that LED Standard TV will enter the civil market in the fourth quarter of 2014. The company will fully benefit from the growth of the industry by virtue of its first-mover advantage. Liad, a customer involved in the development of video broadcast control system, has won several CCTV studio background wall projects this year. CCTV- 16 foreign language channel news studio project and CCTV- 4 The News studio project is the first time that the CCTV news studio uses LED2. 5mm small-pitch products are used as background screens, which indicates that the LED display product technology developed by the company has reached the use demand of domestic studios with higher requirements and has the conditions to promote to users in the radio and television industry. This month, Liad plans to acquire 40. 83 million of the shares of Internet billion for 100 yuan. The Internet Yida is a provider of LED display screen and control system solutions dedicated to the radio and television industry. Internet Yida has established cooperative relations with 38 provincial and municipal TV stations such as CCTV and Hunan TV station to provide display and control solutions for news studios and studios of TV stations. Internet Yida is expected to 2013 11 ~ Net profits in December, 2014 and 2015 shall not be less than 5 million yuan, 7 million yuan and 10 million yuan respectively. If they fail to meet the standards, they shall compensate the company. This move is conducive to further enhancing the company's market share in the field of radio and television and its position in the industry.
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