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LED and solar energy integration, open up new markets, emerging countries

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-09
Portable LED rechargeable light benefit the masses India Big of women groups All India Women Association ( AllIndiaWomensConference) Based on the community, the community solar charging station is set up to charge the portable LED lights during the day. When the people go home from work, they rent the lights and provide a few days of night lighting at home. Since the cost of building solar panels is still a threshold, there is an opportunity to build a shared charging station through joint cooperatives or community fundraising; Letting people rent lanterns is equivalent to retailing electricity to people in need, so that more people can get it. Community women are trained as equipment maintenance technicians to earn salaries. Not only the All Indian Women's Federation, but also barefoot schools (BarefootCollege) In addition, many independent cooperatives are also promoting similar things. The reason why solar lamps are widely promoted in India is that TERI, a well-known environmental think tank in India, has long promoted the plan to illuminate millions of people and successfully attracted foreign donations from the British government. Of course, the sharp drop in the price of solar panels and the emergence of LED lamps are the main reasons for everyone to enjoy the light. On the other hand, SunKingPro, a small portable solar power generation and LED lamp group integrated with solar energy, has invented small solar modules and LED lamps, which are specially sold in areas lacking lighting such as Africa. The above picture is a SunKingPro generation product. Although the photoelectric board is small, it can supply 20 hours of lighting after being fully charged. The second generation product can already reach 36 hours of lighting. By the way, this set of equipment can also supply mobile phone charging. In recent years, the penetration rate of mobile phones in Africa is rapidly increasing. People can use mobile phones to communicate with the world, and the power consumed is much less than computers. SunSawang social enterprises in Thailand have found a special business model. Thailand government as early as 2004 will help more than 200 thousand user does not have power of suburban family installation solar system however but no maintenance plan that up to nine of equipment can't again ', residents were forced to go back to use candles and oil lamps. In the initial stage of SunSawang's business, it was mainly to repair this batch of solar energy equipments that were abandoned by the government. They tried to train the solar power technicians in the community, and then gradually developed different service projects, for example, one-year maintenance of existing equipment, rental of solar LED lights, or installation of new home solar equipment to support small basic appliances. Residents of a community in the Philippines personally use solar LED lights to make community street lamps. One liter of light in the Philippines (ALiterofLight) The plan may have been seen on the internet. It is to add bleach to the empty treasure bottle and install it on the iron roof to introduce daytime light into the dark room, so it is also called the Sun treasure bottle (SolarBottle) For building intensive of slums community bring very big of useful and help the number of 100,000 households family. Since 2013, the planning team has begun to promote the solar baote bottle combined with solar panels, which is equipped with LED lights and installed on the roof together, introducing natural light during the day and providing several hours of artificial lighting at night. The light emitted by solar LED lamps may seem weak in our eyes, but it has inspired the community to develop independent energy sources and create green-collar jobs and business opportunities, it also enables millions and tens of millions of people to read at night, or to weave and make up by hand, so as to supplement household use, and then step by step closer to the beautiful life they are looking.
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