LE becomes a cross-border hot land industry competition

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
There was a saying on the Internet that China Mobile said that after so many years, it was discovered this year that Tencent was our competitor and expressed the earth-shaking competition pattern brought about by cross-border players. There is no lack of cross-border showstoppers in the LED circle. It seems that they are not doing their jobs, but cross-border players bring mature production management, capital operation and technology development capabilities from other industries. Sometimes it is inevitable that the old players in the LED industry will be shocked. [img] /uploads/allimg/140503/14-140503143315136. jpg [/img] These listed companies whose main business is not LED business but cross-border LED business may face the ceiling of growth in the original industry. However, after years of operation, they have accumulated abundant capital strength, rich operation experience and well-trained talent team. They are looking forward to not only gaining new business growth points after entering the emerging LED field, it can also be recognized by investors in the capital market. Because of these inherent advantages, although they have not been operating LED business for a long time, while operating their main business, its LED business is no worse than the listed companies whose main business is LED business, and sometimes it is even worse. It is not impossible to hope that the rapid development of LED business will become a new performance growth point. In this annual season,] Let's take a look at the results of these big coffee cross-border shows. Sapphire is a cross-border Hot Land. In 2013, there are listed companies related to sapphire concept stocks, such as Crystal Optoelectronics, Tiantong and Dongjing Electronics, which are compared with their main businesses, although their sapphire business experienced the low tide in 2012 and ushered in the 2013, it is still in a small stage. However, due to the broad application prospect of sapphire in consumer electronics, although these cross-border businesses have just started, the growth space is still worth looking forward. Among the listed companies in the sapphire substrate concept stocks, the sapphire substrate income of Crystal Optoelectronics is high. Crystal photoelectric Sapphire LED substrate and other revenue 1. 1. 1 billion yuan, up 100 year on year. 64; Gross profit margin 31. 24; Among them, Jiangxi Crystal Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd. had a revenue of 9038 in 2013. 510 thousand yuan, net profit 2061. RMB 800 thousand. Since entering the Sapphire Project in October 2010, Crystal Optoelectronics's sapphire substrate revenue in 2011 has reached 951. 160 thousand yuan, a loss of 2. 13 million yuan. By 2012, the Crystal photoelectric sapphire substrate business finally began to turn losses into profits, with annual revenue reaching 4985. 300 thousand yuan, up 424 year on year. 13, realized a profit of 2. 9 million yuan. 2013 Crystal photoelectric said LED plate business performance significantly improve sales accounted for the company sales proportion by 8. 46 rose to 16. 11. And its main business optical sector sales accounted for 90 of the company's total sales. 64 adjusted to 82. 27. In 2014, Crystal Optoelectronics will expand the scale of sapphire substrate, accelerate the market pace of 4 inch sapphire substrate and PSS, and further develop overseas markets while developing and maintaining high-quality domestic customers, increase the proportion of sales in foreign markets; The rapid development of the sapphire industry sector, firmly grasp the opportunity of sapphire in the application of optical products, open market channels, and quickly seize the market. Although Tiantong's sapphire substrate business achieved a sales revenue of 28. 07 million yuan in 2013, the total cost including equipment commissioning, trial production and personnel training costs was 3577 because it was still in the stage of construction and production. 860 thousand yuan, so it is still a loss. Compared with the sales volume of 50 thousand yuan brought by this business in 2012, the loss of operating profit is as high as 36. 18 million yuan, but it is not as serious as the loss. Since the main product of positioning is 4 inch substrate, Tiantong shares will start the follow-up capacity expansion plan in due course in 2014 according to market demand, including touch screen materials for mobile terminals, substrates for LED lighting and infrared detection windows, in order to achieve scale effect and improve economic benefits. Dongjing Electronics' LED Sapphire Series revenue in 2013 was 876. 560 thousand yuan, up 147 year on year. 47. The companies related to its LED business are mainly three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Zhejiang Dongjing Optoelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd. , Huangshan Dongjing Optoelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd. , and Zhejiang Dongjing Bolante Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd. Dongjing Electronics said in its 2013 annual report that the demand for Shi Ying crystals and orders decreased in third quarter of 2013, which led to a decline in the company's revenue. This explains why Dongjing electronics has accelerated the process of Changjing, planar lining negative, PSS project and LED lighting project under the strong demand of LED market. In addition, the original main business of Jingsheng electromechanical Co. , Ltd. and Zhonghuan Co. , Ltd. , which came across the border, was not sapphire, but once they entered the sapphire field, they invested hundreds of sapphire crystal equipment in Inner Mongolia, such a novice can not be underestimated.
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