Landscape led lighting design on the whole there are three aspects need to be considered for confirmation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Different landscape led lamp with its appearance and produce different kinds of visual effects and lighting effects, or bright, or even; Also can be a plain expression, or more lively expression, all in accordance with the building itself attribute to decide. And different design, also can bring different stunning beauty. This is because in landscape led lighting design should consider all aspects of the problem. First landscape led lighting design, must also be considered in the overall view direction, distance and the surrounding environment and the background need to confirm, which determines the structure of the overall effect. First to watch the direction of the buildings from different direction, perspective can see, but landscape lamp before design to begin, we first have to decide a particular direction in as the main for direction. The second is the viewing distance from the average person could. Landscape led lighting distance will affect the people for the sharpness of the facade appearance observation, at the same time affect the intensity of illumination of decision. The third peripheral environment and the surrounding environment and background of light and shade can affect the required illuminance. If the surrounding is very dark, you need some light is enough to illuminate the subject; If the surrounding is very bright, the light is necessary to strengthen to highlight the main body. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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