Know some solar led street light under the wrong installation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
In solar led street lamp project installation, if you don't really understand the relevant knowledge of solar led street lamp and optional installation, it is easy to cause the solar panels can't charge or charges are very few, streetlights can't bright lights or a short time. So, we need to know the solar led street lamp of several wrong installation. Sometimes installation personnel in order to beautiful, in installing a solar street lamp, on both sides may install solar panel opposite tilting symmetric, but if one side toward is correct, then the other side must be wrong. The wrong side, because there is no way to direct light to the solar panel, charging efficiency will decrease. Led solar lamp installation place too many obstructions, led to the decrease of the efficiency of solar panels charge. Such as leaves, buildings and other obstructions blocking light, affect the absorption and utilization of light energy. Beside the solar panels have light source, as a reference to solar panels in optical voltage charging voltage above, not light. Such as other street by the side of the solar led street light, the night, next to the way the light is on, led to solar panels solar street lamps detected light source that is the day, then the controller will control, won't make the lights on. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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