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【KH208】Anti-glare sealed floodlight【KH208】

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
[KH] Anti-glare sealed floodlight [KH] Technical parameters Rated voltage VAC Hz Shell protection IP rated power: // MH/HPS gas discharge bulb inlet thread G/ lead-in cable φ~φmm overall size××mm total weight Kg【KH】Using high-efficiency and long-life gas discharge light source, the life can be up to hours; the power factor is greater than ., the luminous efficiency is high, and the light transmission is good. 【KH】Using advanced optics and lighting principles to optimize the design of transparent parts, the light is soft, the illumination is uniform, no glare, no ghosting, which can effectively avoid the discomfort and fatigue of the work and construction personnel. [KH] Integrated and multiple anti-vibration structure design to ensure long-term trouble-free operation in high-frequency and multi-frequency vibration environments. [KH] The high-strength aluminum alloy shell is selected with special sealing and surface coating treatment, which can be used for a long time under harsh conditions such as high temperature, humidity and various corrosive conditions. [KH] There are multiple installation methods such as seat type, ceiling type and ceiling type, which can adapt to the lighting needs of different work sites.
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