Kapon lamp act the role ofing to restore the normal operation of the boss said run purely quot; Ool

Kapon lamp act the role ofing to restore the normal operation of the boss said run purely & quot; Oolong & quot;

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
OFweek semiconductor lighting factory on August 9th, this site the scoop 'LED lighting factory zhongshan myth burst kapon lighting boss ming-liang zhou carrying with it the' event, again for further tracking report on August 10, found this event with the latest progress.

run oolong events in contact for a few days after an inconclusive, on August 10 in the morning OFweek semiconductor lighting factory editor finally dialed kapon lighting boss ming-liang zhou's cell phone. Edit ming-liang zhou told OFweek semiconductor lighting factory, the run is oolong the attacks, he has now returned to zhongshan, zhongshan lighting factory company company has returned to normal operation.
about some questions of reported on August 9, ming-liang zhou in telephone wires to OFweek semiconductor lighting factory edit points out: first, before he went to sanya, hainan on holiday for a few days and my family did not in company, the outside world can not contact with him is normal; Second, he has now returned to zhongshan zhongshan lighting factory company, the company has returned to normal operation. Third, the current has been completely solve the problem of employee wages.

about kapon lamp act the role ofing kapon lighting co. , LTD. , zhongshan city, founded in 2009 on June, is located in the famous 'lights are China, zhongshan lighting factory, zhongshan city, guangdong province. Gathering many LED industry veteran, in production management, quality control, strict control of engineering technology, cengcengbaguan. Quantity and process quality in the industry leading level. The company has more than 4000 square standard production workshop, the investment nearly must introduce the most advanced global high-speed machine at home and abroad, using anti-static dustproof air conditioning production workshop.
high power LED project-light lamp, wall lamp, underwater lamp, shoot the lamp series such as LED products, is our advantage product. Company according to the high speed development of LED industry in recent years, relying on its solid strength and years of accumulated industry resources, integration of the LED industry chain, to establish strategic partnership with the international LED chip giant, with the world LED engineering contractor for further close cooperation.

source: OFweek semiconductor lighting factory
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