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It is not easy for LED enterprises to compete for the small-pitch market

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-17
Recently, the third quarter of 2014 financial reports of listed companies in the LED industry have been released one after another. The simultaneous growth of revenue and net profit has become the main theme. When it comes to the reasons for the growth of performance, the analysis found that, the expansion of the small-pitch LED market has become an indispensable part. For example, Lianjian Optoelectronics made it clear in its financial report that V? Me micro-dense small-pitch LED display products will become a powerful driving force for the company's performance growth in the future. From September to, the sales contract amount of products will be nearly 1. RMB 0. 5 billion; Liad's financial report also clearly shows that LED small-pitch TV orders have exceeded the annual Order plan, becoming the first of four rounds of business. It can be said that in the LED display market where product homogeneity is increasingly prominent and price war breaks out, small-pitch LED has become a rare bright color, this is also the original driving force for many LED display enterprises to spare no effort to invest in small-pitch LED. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Many manufacturers have made great efforts to promote the rapid improvement of small-pitch LED display technology, and at the same time, they have also made the competition in this fledgling market extremely fierce. Nowadays, not only the traditional LED display enterprises have invested heavily, but also DLP splicing enterprises such as Weichuang, GQY and Caixun have made frequent efforts. Moreover, although small-pitch LED is a newly rising technology, it is not locked in the emerging application market, but the inherent application market of liquid crystal splicing and DLP splicing, with fixed market capacity, this is inevitable. This also means that if traditional LED display enterprises want to do the market with large and small spacing, they should not only bear the competitive pressure from the manufacturer level, but also undertake the important task of marketing the technical concept. First at the manufacturer level. In indoor large screen display applications, the provision of characteristic solutions has become a consensus in the industry and has achieved initial results ( For example, it is understood that Weichuang has made it clear that embedded software and solutions account for about 40% of the company's current sales revenue) However, in the outdoor LED display application market, it is still at the stage of selling products. In the market promotion, the marketing of manufacturers is still mainly focused on what specifications and how large areas of products to buy. In the role conversion from selling products to selling solutions, traditional LED display enterprises have obviously taken half a beat slowly, while DLP enterprises are enthusiastic about small-pitch LED, the time left by the market for traditional LED enterprises is already very limited. Secondly, at the level of technology promotion. Although small-pitch LED display technology has many advantages, it also has shortcomings as a new technology. More importantly, the current indoor display application field not only does not lack mainstream display technology, on the contrary, there were three major display disputes of liquid crystal, DLP and plasma before the suspicion of surplus, ending with the defeat of plasma. Today, although small-pitch LED is menacing, it should be generally accepted by industry users, opening up market awareness will not be completed overnight. At present, in the indoor application fields represented by video conference, security monitoring, exhibition and display, LCD splicing firmly controls the middle and low end application market with its outstanding price advantage, DLP splicing occupies the application market with outstanding advantages of splicing. For small-pitch LED, if you want to stand on the ground, accurate card position is the key. As for the advantages of exploration, naturally, it is the unshirkable responsibility of traditional LED display enterprises, because traditional DLP enterprises that launch small-pitch LED products with defensive posture do not want small-pitch LED to rise too quickly, threat as the main DLP splicing products.
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