It is expected to become an LED factory with a revenue of 1 billion US dollars in 2015-ALLTOP-img

It is expected to become an LED factory with a revenue of 1 billion US dollars in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-25
Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, yesterday (19) Japan said that the high-end blue LED capacity gap reached 2 ~ 30%, the wafer production capacity of all factories in Taiwan has been fully loaded. Although the possibility of Overbooking is not ruled out, the wafer is expected to reach the balance of supply and demand ahead of the end of this year; Lighting Shipments are expected to double this year and next 2 years. The legal person appraised Jingdian and is expected to become an LED factory with a revenue of 1 billion US dollars in 2015. Lee Byung Goo said Taiwan area of chip plant from 2nd season began to into full Jia dynamic Taigu to revenue calculation should also maintain the high yield can utilization to at present order see, high-end blue light capacity gap up to 2 ~, It is estimated that the balance time of wafer supply and demand will be advanced from 2015 to the end of 2014. As for why the price will not rise? Main is mainland capacity no fill. However, Li Bingjie is still neutral and optimistic about future supply and demand. He analyzed that the mainland is expected to add 100 MOCVD units within 2 years, and Sanan Optoelectronics will account for 100 units; Dehao has 90 units, only 60 units, and 30 units are expected to be opened in the second half of the year; Huacan plans to expand production, so it can be expected that the production capacity is full, and Sanan is also full; Calculation under next year about new 300 machine the but also have 200 the depreciation due weaken capacity supply strength; On the demand side, the number of LED lighting will double this year and next year compared with the previous year. Judging from this growth rate, the production capacity supply in 2015 is considered healthy. Li Bingjie thinks that the demand for LED lighting is better than expected, and the original estimate is 2018 ~ Lighting penetration rate reached 6 ~ in 2019 ~, Now it seems that it can be achieved in 2017, this is one with happiness and one with worry, the penetration rate is high, the growth rate is slowing down, if the price falls, the revenue growth will be hard; At present, it seems that smart lighting is a big opportunity in the future, using LED lights in series with refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances to achieve the concept of the internet of things; As for how to transmit signals? Li Bingjie believes that the Zigbee protocol promoted by Philips has the opportunity to become a fast and cheap solution. Crystal last year revenue up to 22. 2 billion yuan NT due to capacity full After can pick single 2nd season crystal of gross margin see L; In the first five months of this year, Jingdian's revenue has grown by May, which is higher than the base period in the second half of last year. Therefore, the annual growth rate of revenue in the second half of this year has slowed down. The legal person conservatively estimates that Jingdian's revenue is likely to exceed NT $30 billion next year, become a $1 billion LED factory.
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