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ISLE: after the Spring Festival, the advertising logo and LED industry chain gather here

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-10
Guangzhou International advertising logo and LED Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as: ISLE) It is a trading platform for advertising logo and LED industry jointly sponsored by Guangzhou Fair Advertising Co. , Ltd. and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation. The 2018 ISLE exhibition will be held on March 3- The exhibition will open on March 6 and will last for 4 days. More than 2000 well-known enterprises will participate in the exhibition and is expected to attract professional buyers from more than 160 overseas countries and regions. ISLE has gradually become a potential and valuable platform in the advertising logo and LED industry. In addition to being committed to providing high-quality trading platforms for merchants from all over the country, it has also promoted the international exchanges and cooperation between the advertising logo and LED industry through overseas promotion and other channels, continuously enhancing the popularity of ISLE. As a professional advertising logo and LED trade communication platform, ISLE exhibition effectively integrates high-quality resources of the industry and links buyers and sellers to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, the good reputation has made the influence of the ISLE exhibition industry continue to rise. The ISLE exhibition rooted in Guangzhou radiates Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao advertising signs and LED industry circles, absorbing high-quality resources from many industry circles. The operation and promotion of Guangzhou Trade Fair Advertising Co. , Ltd. and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation have been recognized by the industry circle and have established a certain credibility in the industry. With the unique industrial geographical advantage and the operation of the professional Main exhibition organization, ISLE exhibition will certainly live up to its expectations and become a 'dark horse' in the exhibition '. In the new year, ISLE will continue to refresh new records. The scale of the exhibition will once again exceed 100,000 m2. it is expected to attract more than 200,000 buyers. The layout of the exhibition area will be further optimized in 2018, with the addition of silk screen textile printing and glass printing Theme Pavilion and large screen display application solution Boutique Pavilion. The rich classification of exhibition areas provides buyers with more choices. ISLE's leap-forward breakthrough means that the exhibition of the advertising logo industry and the LED industry has a new platform, and media reports are flooding. In 2018, ISLE will not only maintain the professionalism of previous exhibitions and export new information and exhibits from the industry, but also have more than 20 in-depth academic forums to analyze industry topics for you at the beginning of spring, help you gain more industry insights and thinking. What other 'New Blue Seas' will appear in the advertising logo and LED industry in 18 years? How to seize the opportunity in the subdivision field? How does the LED industry break the deadlock of homogeneous competition? Finding the breakthrough point is the step of the industry in 18 years! The 2018 ISLE exhibition will focus on the pain points you are concerned about. The exhibition's academic activities will help you to have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry. More industry trends welcome to visit the official website of ISLE exhibition: http://cn . isle. org. cn/index. Html understanding. The pre-registration of exhibitors has now started. We look forward to your call: Miss Chen: 020-8926 8256 (Working day)/Mr. Wu: 020-8926 8280 (Working day); Audience appointment registration consultation can be contacted: Miss Li: 020-8926 8248 (Working day)/Mr. Zhang: 020-8926 8292 (Working day). ISLE exhibition sends an invitation to the advertising logo and LED Industry Alliance. We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2018 ISLE exhibition and open a new chapter in the 2018 industry!
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