Is there room for small businesses in the LED lighting industry?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-18
The lighting industry is highly clustered in the ancient town ( In fact, the Pearl River Delta region centered on the ancient town is a lighting industry cluster area) The entrepreneurial threshold of the electric iron + screwdriver has not changed. What remains unchanged is the passion of generations of entrepreneurs. However, this is not the same as before, and the lower entry threshold is becoming more and more difficult to achieve the dream of wealth. In the production and manufacturing industry, it is rare to get rich overnight (Of course, except through the listing of money) At a time when industrial products are extremely rich, the slowdown in industrial growth has become a situation. As a lamp in the manufacturing industry (Conventional includes lighting + light source)The industry is also facing a slowdown in growth. In such a situation, in fact, the threshold for entering the lighting industry has been raised invisibly, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing many problems such as production cost, product quality, product price, sales channel, sales profit, etc. Large-scale production with output, quality, brand and sales outlets as its main features shows strong market competitiveness. After LED gradually became bigger and stronger in the lighting industrial zone outside the ancient town, dengdu ancient town still has to continue to deepen in the lighting field corresponding to the light source. Personally, I think: LED is a technology + capital + channel industry, while lighting is a production + channel industry. The industrial attribute of lighting industry is industrialization mode, which is suitable for industrialization thinking, including standardization, standardization, scale and controllability. The production standardization, standardization and controllability under the industrialization mode have been applied and brought into full play in all aspects of the ancient town lighting industry, including upstream and downstream supporting enterprises and finished product enterprises, however, its scale is manifested in two aspects: first, the industrial scale of the entire industrial zone is relatively large ( According to the data, the ancient town accounts for more than 60% of the lighting output) Second, the large-scale production of some leading enterprises in the production area has taken shape. The characteristics and current situation of this kind of large-scale production are: the output of large leading enterprises is large; Stable quality; High brand awareness and brand premium; The number of channels is large and sound ( The sound channel here refers to the distribution of outlets from top to bottom according to the administrative level); Procurement cost, production cost and circulation cost are relatively low (But the management cost will increase accordingly); Strong ability to independently design and develop products; The penetration and bargaining power of municipal and large-scale projects are strong. Large-scale production and large-scale enterprises (Only in terms of production in the industry) In the future, there will be a trend of development in the following directions: Combination or combination in the field of production; Joint or combination in the field of sales; Diversification of business focus and transformation of channel mode. The joint or combined mode in the production field is: Supply Chain alliance may be formed in production, and upstream supply channels may be shared (Will jointly expand an upstream supplier)Technical exchanges and cooperation alliances. Cooperation mode in the sales field: realize cross-border investment by jointly investing in the construction of production areas and stores, master channels and terminal resources, and realize their own product sales at the same time. In the future, the sales area of the production area will have a tendency to infiltrate the sales area, build a store in the sales area or jointly invest and cooperate with local stores. Multiple Impacts of Business focus: large-scale enterprises will have multiple identities and functions in the future ( This kind of multiple identity and function is realized by the company invested) In the future, the business focus of large-scale lighting enterprises will be diversified: from simply operating the production and sales of their own enterprises to operating stores and customers (Other production enterprises)Customers who operate Terminal Stores (Ie distributor). Due to mastering a large number of sales channels and merchant resources, scale enterprises will also dominate channel changes according to market changes ( The driving force of this kind of change may come from the external environment, such as the impact of the Internet on sales, and this kind of change is likely to be subversive). In addition to lighting, in the light source field (At present, it is mainly the mainstream LED light source)The scale is an unstoppable advantage. This is also the reason why some LED enterprises with abundant capital, core technology or key technology and large production capacity are playing well in the industry. Compared with large-scale LED enterprises, LED enterprises with less capital, no core and key technologies, small production capacity and production by purchasing all or most of accessories will become more and more difficult to develop. Some of these enterprises are traditional lighting enterprises. The main reason for them to enter the LED industry is that they are worried about being abandoned by the market in the LED tide. As a result, it may cause a fatal blow to the original lighting production and operation due to the tight or broken funds caused by investment in LED. At a forum at this year's Guangya Exhibition, a speaker persuaded: those who do not understand LED should leave the LED industry as soon as possible. There is some truth in this.
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