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Is the LED industry a trap or a pie?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-30
At the end of the year, 2013 is still a fierce year for LED lighting. There is no bottom line for market investment, no bottom line for price ups and downs, and no bottom line for quality Discharge. These three bottom lines make LED lighting covered with thick smog and even more confused. Is LED a pie or a trap? It is undeniable that for many low-end manufacturers without a bottom line, this year's LED is really a pie; However, for most manufacturers who want to hold some bottom lines, this year's LED operation is extremely difficult, especially when the periphery is transferred to the manufacturers, and they find that they have fallen into the bottomless trap. We must not complain that LED changes too fast, plans too fast and prices are released. This is the inevitable process of industry development and free competition in the market. This kind of rapid change is unstoppable and irreversible. LED is fair to anyone. Don't think that there is an advantage if there is upstream capability, don't think that there is an advantage if there is downstream channel, and don't think that there is an advantage if there is enough local gold. LED is a pie or a trap, which does not depend on the external factors of the market, but on the internal factors of the enterprise itself, even on the boss. First of all, it depends on whether the boss can see clearly the market pattern and the changing trend and influencing factors brought about by LED. LED lighting is formed by the integration of LED and lighting. It is impossible to understand LED without lighting, and it is impossible to understand LED without lighting. To see clearly the pattern and changes of LED lighting, it is important to have these two aspects of knowledge, technology and ability. On the basis of seeing the pattern and changes, we must also have the ability to judge and choose. Can't see and selection no are inevitable is the Yangtze River forges ahead waves upon waves die in on the beach. If you can see the pattern and changes clearly, you must also be able to calmly judge your own abilities and advantages, and you must be able to make rational choices. LED is a trap. Many enterprises are blind and blind because of lack of self-knowledge. They think that their ambitions are high, but in fact they are too high. When new opportunities come, enterprises need to analyze whether their abilities, resources and existing advantages can match the needs of LED lighting. If they have no ability or advantages, they would rather give up and relocate new businesses. Therefore, whether LED is a pie or a trap must depend on the Enterprise and the boss themselves, on whether they can judge the pattern changes and make rational choices in time.
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