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Is it important to understand the ranking of solar street light manufacturers?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

The construction of beautiful rural areas in my country has really made the solar street lamp market hot. For example, the penetration rate of solar street lamps in rural areas in rural areas has reached more than 60 to 70%. More and more capital enters the solar street light industry, and there are more and more solar street light manufacturers on the market, which dazzles people. People who buy solar street lights definitely want to choose high-quality solar street light manufacturers, so people check the rankings of solar street light manufacturers through the Internet. In fact, I think you don’t need to pay too much attention to the content of the online solar street light manufacturers rankings. We only need to know about buying solar energy. The misunderstanding of street lamps and the method of judging whether the solar street lamp manufacturers are formal or not, generally the quality of the products of formal manufacturers will not be bad. The following editor will briefly teach you some methods.

What are the misunderstandings in purchasing rural solar street lights?
. Blindly pursue low prices
It is true that price reflects the combination of profit, quality and brand price. In the purchase of rural solar street lights, the price is closely related to the configuration. The ultra-cheap rural solar street lights must have no choice but to guarantee the use, but the ultra-low-priced street lights are also a waste of funds. The price of solar street lights is not as high as possible. It is subject to a wide range of factors.
.Always choose high brightness.
Solar street lights use high-brightness LED lamp beads, the brightness is several times that of general energy-saving lamps. The lighting needs can be satisfied normally in the manufacturer's standard configuration. If the brightness is too high, since it is too expensive, it can also slander people's eyesight. The illuminance of normal rural solar street lights is LEDW, which is equal to the brightness of energy-saving lamps W.
The areas where domestic solar street light manufacturers are concentrated are the four villages and towns west of Gaoyou Lake in Yangzhou, where there are many companies that produce street lights. Compared with other places, the manufacturers here are more professional. The solar street lamp manufacturers here have formed a local industrial chain, so the solar street lamps purchased here are cheaper and of better quality. Therefore, it is more appropriate for us to choose a regular solar street light manufacturer here.

How to judge whether the solar road manufacturer is formal?
. To see if the manufacturer’s qualifications are complete, and the solar street lights produced by the fully qualified manufacturers meet the technical standards.
. If possible, it’s best to look at the scale of the manufacturers on the ground. Because leather bag companies are overwhelming, these companies often do not have actual products themselves. They do purchase from other manufacturers or distributors under the slogan of promotion. Usually they The price will be high, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.
.Understand word-of-mouth evaluation. Through the Internet or local people to inquire and inquire about its actual word-of-mouth evaluation, solar street lamp manufacturers with good word-of-mouth will have high-quality services and products.
.Search through the Internet whether the manufacturer has won bid information in recent years. If there is, it means that this solar street light manufacturer is professional.

So the editor thinks that when we choose solar street light manufacturers, we should not pay too much attention to the ranking of solar street light manufacturers. After all, these data are set by people, and understanding these data is actually not very helpful for purchasing. For buyers, they should learn to avoid the misunderstanding of purchasing solar street lights and the method to judge whether the manufacturer is formal. Only by understanding the above methods and choosing according to the above methods can they purchase rural solar street lights with fair price and guaranteed quality .

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