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Inventory of seven major phenomena in LED lighting industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-27
In recent years, the LED lighting industry has developed rapidly and even gone too far. Cross-border enterprises have invested in the LED industry. Traditional lighting enterprises have gradually transformed the LED market. Upstream, middle and downstream enterprises have frequently assembled LED applications, resulting in saturation of the LED lighting market and overcapacity. At the same time, the competition between enterprises has become more and more fierce, and the industry is full of strange phenomena. Phenomenon one, the price of the war is everywhere. More than half of 2014, we see that the price war is still the protagonist, occupying the top of the LED lighting topic list, continuing to stir up the bloody industry. Large enterprises hope to continue to maintain the initiative in the market by transforming the scale advantage into the price advantage; Small and medium-sized enterprises hope to use low prices as heavy artillery and bomb the market. The result of the price war may be beneficial to consumers, but it will cause a large number of enterprises in the industry to decline in profits, survive difficulties and even go bankrupt. Phenomenon 2, brand war into the market gospel. The brand war is crowded into the line of sight of the industry as a dark horse. Many LED lighting enterprises place the brand in the core position of market competition, force brand advertising in various channels, and implement the management strategy of obtaining differential profits and values. Phenomenon 3, mergers and acquisitions are on the wind. Recently, the speed of mergers and acquisitions has accelerated, and we have seen the pattern of LED lighting industry begin to emerge. Enterprises with strong strength hope to make up for their deficiencies in LED lighting products, brands, technologies and channels by means of merger and acquisition integration, and merger and acquisition is just a quick way to solve these deficiencies. However, mergers and acquisitions are easy and integration is difficult. There are inevitably differences in the management, culture, and values of the two companies. Although the benefits of mergers and acquisitions are obvious, if you want to go light and solve the turmoil that is easy to occur after mergers and acquisitions, you must step by step, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired results. [img] /uploads/allimg/140618/22-14061Q35355H9. jpg [/img]Phenomenon 4, the collapse of the tide gave birth to a new pattern. The industry almost unanimously believes that the LED industry is entering the shuffle period. Traditional lighting giants have joined the battlefield of LED lighting, and more failures have occurred, ushered in a real wave of bankruptcy. However, falling into bankruptcy does not explain the good or bad of the LED lighting industry. The threshold to enter the LED lighting industry is low, and there are many enterprises that claim to be able to do LED lighting products. Screwdriver factories are made into pieces, mixed with good and bad people, with uneven personnel quality and technical level, resulting in chaotic competition in the industry, the reshuffle of LED lighting industry is the inevitable result of market development. After the baptism of mergers and acquisitions integration and bankruptcy tide, the superior resources will be concentrated to some enterprises, and the competition pattern will develop to a situation where the strong are stronger and the weak are weaker. The pattern of LED lighting industry will be initially revealed, after laughing, it is the winner. Phenomenon 5, the market segment becomes a desert oasis. In the field of LED lighting, the homogenization of products is very serious, and plagiarism among enterprises is common. If there is no ability to improve product design and technology, when the industry shuffle period comes, the enterprise will not have any anti-risk ability and will be in danger of going out at any time. Therefore, the market segment has become a hot spot for SMEs to compete. Small and medium-sized enterprises must take a professional route and be specialized in market segments to have opportunities for survival and development. Phenomenon 6, channel construction is urgent. In 2014, we once again witnessed the legend that channel is the king, and channel construction has been a hot topic in the LED lighting industry. The channel is like the transmission belt of an enterprise. The channel is unreasonable and the pain of the enterprise. As the hub for the enterprise to put its products into the market, the importance of the Channel to the product sales is self-evident. The channel through which LED lighting products reach consumers is also crucial to the sales of enterprises. How to lay out channels and how to carry out channel innovation has become a difficult problem in the hearts of enterprises. The traditional channels are becoming narrower and narrower, the competition is large, and the construction and maintenance costs are high. The effect is still unknown; E-commerce channels are conducive to brand building, but they cannot be regarded as mainstream channels at present; The profit margin of invisible channels is large, but the main channel modes with long collection period and difficult development have their own advantages and disadvantages, which need Enterprises to weigh according to their own actual situation, but channel construction is an urgent task. Phenomenon 7, cooperation and cooperation to promote development. The development speed of LED lighting industry is too fast. In terms of specialty, innovation and speed, enterprises are definitely not as good as the complementary advantages of resources. Since 2013, the phenomenon of small and medium-sized enterprises cooperating in groups to promote development has been everywhere. For the current LED lighting industry pattern, whether it is out of the consideration of breaking through the inner group, strengthening the advantages and comparing with the opponents, it is also the need to establish the status of China's LED lighting industry, build a national industry, and resist foreign aggression. The integration and cooperation between enterprises has become an irreversible trend. The industrial development has entered a real integration period. Enterprises need more adaptability and anti-risk ability in a complex and changeable market. The Cooperation mode among enterprises needs the industrial chain to be carried out vertically, horizontally or even vertically, those enterprises that borrow from each other know better how to use each other's advantages to integrate and coexist. In the golden period of industry development, major LED lighting enterprises have made full efforts to occupy channels, spread markets and play brands, only for one purpose.
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